1. Re: For Fans of Dark Fantasy.

      My book :DrakanPotato:

    2. Re: Mc has mental illness

      My first book, everyone loses their minds and has to reach port.  (It's finished) :DrakanMoney: But it's multiple mc and start without mental problems :DrakanFascinating:

    3. Re: What's your favorite Elder Scrolls game?

      Oblivion :DrakanPotato: Anyway, I hated the repetition of dugeon designs in that series

    4. Re: Any Epic Fantasy type stuff?

      My novel? :DrakanMoney: Alice in Wonderland :DrakanPotato:

    5. Re: What kind of prologue do you prefer?

      If you use it correctly it's beautiful, if a summary is a joke, the harry potter  (First book) one for example is spectacular. :DrakanThinking:

    6. Re: Page count for a new novel

      I usually upload the drafts to another site, then an edited version to this site. So I am editing while I work. It works well, in general I leave 5-20 chapters of margin, I usually edit when I lack (...)

    7. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      Hunger games? Romance novels? Free money is using female characters. As long as you don't touch sexual themes in the first 20 chapters :DrakanThink:

    8. Re: How to make a deconstruction parody of a character?

      Watch a few seasons of South Park :DrakanGlasses: It looks good if you do multiple mc's for this kind of comedy

    9. Re: Do you need pay taxes for Patreon income?

      a dollar is a dollar according to the IRS... Living in Latin America is a dream apparently :DrakanLaugh:

    10. Re: Do you need pay taxes for Patreon income?

      Do you guys earn enough as writers to pay taxes? :drakansweat:

    11. Re: The Dopeman, done.

      Congratulations! :DrakanPotato:

    12. Re: Some assistance needed—someone who can help me with original story ideas, and/or help me with fanfiction

      The normal for a book is 400-200 pages almost 50k-100k Harry potter is only 120-146 pages the first book. (Without editing in a week you can do it)

    13. Re: Best web fiction communities besides RoyalRoad?

      People should stop giving so much shit to Wattpad. great. meanwhile no one, literally no one read my stories there. not a single view other than the ones from me. while the same stories got thousands (...)

    14. Re: Best web fiction communities besides RoyalRoad?

      Wattpad is bad It's terrible, a waste of time is that platform. :DrakanFix: I personally like Webnovel (No Private Contracts) and RR

    15. Re: What turns you off in a novel?

      * Putting plastic American modern values into historical or future settings American modern values? What would that be? ---> The classic patriotic story of World War II comics? I'm not American (...)

    16. Re: The comeup

      Congratulations! :DrakanPotato:

    17. Re: I started a new novel and finished my first book

      Omg you actually finished writing a book ?? Please tell me your secret ! +)Draft 20 chapters without worrying about spelling, then check the spelling and solve the plot problems of your new ideas, or (...)

    18. Re: Looking to assist a writer

      I have the skills necessary  Have fun, do not think about what the rest thinks.

    19. Re: 1k+ Views

      Congrats! :DrakanPopcorn:

    20. I started a new novel and finished my first book

         ------------------- I started a new novel and finished my first book -------------------