1. Re: Looking for feedback on a few chapters (not reviews)

      I think I accidentally started doing this because I saw your Christian story thread and wanted to give your work a solid look through.  Hope you don't mind the comments. I really appreciate the comments. (...)

    2. Looking for feedback on a few chapters (not reviews)

      Hi all, I'm looking for someone to read the first 2-4 chapters of my story and give some feedback (preferably privately by message) about whether or not it draws readers in. I've had some feedback in (...)

    3. Re: Narration Collaboration Thread

      I agree with the above authors, In general, I think when you're doing narration, you'd want to set your videos so that their end points are chapter based. Ideally I'd say figure out how long a session (...)

    4. Re: Lesser Known Stories

      Quest of the Seal Bearers isn't exactly "action" oriented but more adventure oriented. It has a lot of great characters that are very fleshed out and good story progression so it may be something that (...)

    5. Re: What do you think about educational interludes in a fictional story?

      I'm always of the mindset that any idea can be good if executed well. That's the trick. But this is probably the best place to test out your ideas and see if they land. Write a few of the chapters, solicite (...)

    6. Re: Dear Authors: East Tale has posted your work!

      You know, I wonder. If you're not actually trying to make money off your work, could sites like this be a potential benefit? I mean, after all, they're viewed by people who may potentially not know about (...)

    7. Re: Dear Authors: East Tale has posted your work!

      They could at least format my story correctly... sheeze

    8. Re: Give me recommendations for novels with many characters that play a role in the development of the story.

      This describes my book, Quest of the Seal Bearers. The story switchs between multiple character groups as they all play different roles in a single adventure. You'll find that all of the characters are (...)

    9. Re: Promote your story by telling us a bit about the setting.

      Mendala is a distant world comprised of various countries, city-states, and races across four continents. The most unique aspect of the world is that everyone knows how to use a part of the brain known (...)

    10. Re: Fantasy story recommendations? (Pretty much anything goes.)

      A bit of self-promotion but Quest of the Seal Bearers is fantasy story with no harem or sexually explicit content. It's an isekai/portal fantasy. There are elves and dwarves in my world but it doesn't (...)

    11. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      On the distant world of Mendala, a rash of mysterious attacks have left many towns destroyed, and there are rumors of an army of monsters. Fantasma, leader of the global government, and his colleagues (...)

    12. Re: Lore time.

      I enjoy building the lore and history of my world, but I also know to keep it balanced so I'm not inundating my reader with exposition. I want to know enough about my world's lore and systems to be able (...)

    13. Re: The lowdown on Love Triangles?

      Yes it can be done right. One thing I would suggest is to not make it the center of the story (unless your story is literally only a romance that revolves around this), or something that takes up so (...)

    14. Re: Is my novel too good and deep for people to appreciate? Bc I'm starting to think it's the case?

      well played. I think Control, Balanced, or Integral might work. I've also done Chaos and Law. Some other ideas could be Systemic Magic Serenity Magic Tranquility Magic  

    15. Re: Finally crossing 100 followers on my novel

      Awesome and very encouraging!

    16. Re: Promote your story with art!

      I've showcased this before under the "Maps" sub-forum under art, but this is really the best representation of my story, which is a map of the world it takes place in.  I had this commissioned and it was (...)

    17. Re: Looking for World-Building novels

      I've never read world keeper, but my story has very strong world building. It's a fantasy adventure series with a slow burn plot that focuses on character growth and dives into the world while trying not (...)

    18. Re: Why do you write?

      I have a story I really want to get out and complete and I want as many people as possible to read and enjoy it. That's pretty much it.

    19. Re: Best fantasy novels to read on Royal road. No Romance pls, No harem.

      I'm not conceited enough to say it's one of "the best" but the novel in my signature is a fantasy/adventure story that's not harem or romance, so if you like, give it a look. There are over 40 chapters (...)

    20. Re: I have a question and I need help.

      This to me sounds like the difference between hobbits and halflings.  Hobbit is specifically associated with Tolkien's work, halfling is an older, less "unique" term that's more widely used. I don't (...)