1. Re: Can someone tell me how do you disassociate feelings from your character when you are emotional?

      I mostly hope that I catch uncharacteristic behavior in one of my many editing passes. That's probably the reason why I have to throw away so many scenes. :DrakanSigh:

    2. Accents - which do you enjoy reading which do you write, and how?

      People talk differently, that much is clear between languages, but what about inside the same one? Besides having access to slightly different word pools, sometimes turns of phrase are used and understood (...)

    3. Hear me out: TOADS (Also a slightly maniacal undead adventure through the medieval post-apocalypse)

      I heard you people like time-loops. I heard you people like toads. I heard you people like numbers going BRRRR and the vague feeling of doom and lurking annihilation of your immortal soul. I may be (...)

    4. Re: 🌺 Weekend Snippets 26/5 | WEEK 95 🎈 Pentecost & Memorial Day 🦅

      Won't be celebrating either of those holidays on the basis of not living in america and not being all that christian, but I will be going on a five-day vacation near Antwerp. Also, here's this week's (...)

    5. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback

      If you'll have me, I'd be happy for some feedback. Elia is stuck. Stuck in a world that wants her undead ass dead as grass and so far has appeared quite successful, though not when it comes to permanence. (...)

    6. Re: Shoutout Swaps - 5 Spots

      That is still dandy-o. 

    7. Re: Shout Outs - 5 Spots

      Hiya there, one (1) shoutout please, no pickles, extra fries.

    8. Re: ☢️ Weekend Snippets 19/5 | WEEK 94 ⚡ It's Robot Fighting Time! 🤖

      I can't say I've ever watched Battlebots. Then again, I didn't watch much of anything besides the discovery channel as a kid, and I got bored of that too once it turned more towards reality TV and wildly (...)

    9. Re: Review Swaps [0/5]

      Sure, I'm down for a swap.

    10. Re: Opinions on using guns, in a medevil fantasy setting

      Well, I feel like it's a very underutilized part of actual history. Firearms as infantry weapons came into rage at the end of the medieval period, but cannons were used as early as the start of the 14th (...)

    11. Re: What mythical creature could be used for... Helpers? In a Darkness Realm.

      Black dogs and cats were commonly seen as witch familiars, though I animal familiars would work for a god of darkness well enough. Alternatively, maybe look more into English and middle European folklore. (...)

    12. Re: I'm writing a parody of ecchi. What kind of jokes would you want to see?

      Imagine a setup that seems like one person is becoming the center of a harem. Then have the harem members all chaotically fall in love with each other, ignoring the obviously harem protag.

    13. Re: How do you go about editing chapters?

      My current system that works for me is editing everything I've written over the week on Sunday, then letting it rest for a while. Before I actually release the chapters, I go through another round of editing, (...)

    14. Re: What do you enjoy in a progression/magic system?

      Joy? What is that? An ice-cream flavor. Commonly served with existential dread and pistachio.

    15. Re: What do you enjoy in a progression/magic system?

      I think that a more interesting progression system is one where the requirements to progress are important to the plot rather than just training montages or killing random monsters which otherwise don't (...)

    16. What do you enjoy in a progression/magic system?

      So, I've been going through the first few chapters of some of my favorite stories, both on RR and off, and I've come to notice that a lot of them introduce at least a hint at their progression/magic system (...)

    17. Re: Health status of royal road?

      That could be very much the case. I haven't been here for all that long, but from what I understand this site is steadily growing in the number and quality of its writers and thereby potential audience (...)