1. I made Rising Stars!

      So happy! My first ever story being done with the writathon as an impetus and it hit rising stars! Not only that but the views, reviews, favourites everything sky-rocketed and still it is over 4.65 (...)

    2. Just hit 1k views!

      Really quite pleased with this!  On a brand new story, first chapter posted 4 days ago, over 1000 views in total!  Its also in the top 3k of stories somehow, had 16 ratings and even its first advanced (...)

    3. Re: Just hit 50,000 Word count for my first time ever!

      Brilliant work! Congrats on such a huge number, here's hoping the notes stay in tact for 60k

    4. Re: Just released my first chapter!

      Congratulations on taking that first step!  Hope you have a good writeathonethorn as well!

    5. Re: 50 followers

      Congratulations!! Hetes to the next 50 for you! :DrakanWine:

    6. Re: Top 1500, FINALLY.

      Nice man, Congrats on the achievement here's to you breaking into the Top 200! :DrakanWine: Not gonna lie, we'd either piss ourselves or get blitzed drunk in celebration. Thanks. I mean if (...)

    7. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      Bit nervous, but would appreciate it if you would take a quick look - participating in the Writathon challenge and I'm hoping its as good on paper as it is in my head. I just want people to enjoy it (...)

    8. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Hi Everyone reading, I'd like to put my own story out there - and get peoples thoughts & feelings on it so far. Its a litRPG story - primarily told from a single MC PoV - he never really felt like he (...)

    9. Re: Does anyone's first chapter need some extra love?

      This is very kind - if you are still open to reviewing more, my story (in signature) is the first time I have tried to seriously write anything for an audience bigger than 1.  My first chapter has a (...)

    10. Re: Top 1500, FINALLY.

      Congratulations on your achievement, that is amazing work!

    11. Re: I have an addiction.

      I don't really care about the numbers, but I still do this. I'm always looking for new comments.  I love comments.  I need more comments. Please comment... I'm so lonely :-( Do you find (...)

    12. Re: I have an addiction.

      I feel this. Sat there and my little monkey brain thinks "its been 5 minutes, lets have a refresh and see whats changed" swiftly followed by "oooh numbers go up"

    13. Re: New author - Stimpius saying hi!

      Thanks very much everyone! Hope I can stick it out, I have had the story in my head for a long time I just want to be able to translate it for everyone how I see it but letting them fill in some blanks (...)

    14. New author - Stimpius saying hi!

      Hi everyone, long-long time lurker on RR here, and saw this writathon as a chance for me to give it a go! I have had a story percolating for a long time in my head, and after discovering LitRPG a couple (...)

    15. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Hi guys, Stimpius here! The Entropic Knight is a litRPG story (lite) and is my first real foray into writing a story - I saw the April writathon and thought, heck yeah lets go for it. The story has (...)

    16. 24 hours in!

      Posted my first ever story - its been percolating in my head for years now and I thought I'd jump in for the April writeathon!  24 hours in, 3 chapters posted and 8 reviews, all 8 reviews are 5*!  (...)