Daniel J Hull

Daniel J Hull

    1. Re: I Made it to Rising Star!

      Congrats!  That is huge.

    2. Over 5000 views!

      And a number of great reviews.  I'll never be a rising star, but at least I have an audience, which is kinda awesome too!

    3. Re: Hey there! Could I trade critical reads with some people?

      Sure thing, hit me up if you're interested.  Which work(s) were you interested in having reviewed?

    4. Using Volumes for your current work

      Hey there, Has anyone ever used the Volumes feature to bundle novels together?  I just started book 2 of my series and I've gotten several recommendations that I should have bundled.  Is that possible (...)

    5. How do you keep going?

      I thought I was doing well, but ratings and reviews just weren't coming in.  I did several review swaps, most of which panned out.  I think one didn't review me in return.  Had a good score going but still (...)

    6. Seeking reviews/review swaps

      Looking for anyone interested in space, zombies, space-zombies... monsters, badass heroines, romance, apocalypse, sci-fi, alternate earth, chases, escapes...  Willing to trade reviews... I love to read (...)

    7. Over 2500 views!

      Baby steps, right?

    8. Re: 250 views mark

      Nice!  Congrats!

    9. Re: Shower is my Muse

      Another great muse is music.  Create a playlist of your favorite songs with the mood you are looking for and go for a brisk walk.  I can put entire chapters together in a fifteen-minute stroll around the (...)

    10. Re: I'm not smart enough to write the stories I want to, and it tears at me

      I think you're asking the right questions.  I ran into this a bit too.  My first trilogy turned into a multi-layered epic and keeping track of everything became difficult the farther in a went.  I decided (...)

    11. Re: Is 3 POVs per chapter excessive?

      It depends on a lot of things.  There is no right or wrong answer here.  Just make sure the swaps in perspective or very obvious.  Confusing the reader should be avoided unless there is a very good reason (...)

    12. Advanced Review Swap

      Greetings fellow authors.  As the difficulty of receiving advanced reviews ranges from pulling teeth to herding cats, I'd like to request/offer a few review swaps to authors with similar genres.  That (...)

    13. Re: (Open) Hear yee, hear yee, any of yee wants to swap advance reviews for 15k-40k words?

      I'll bite, though my story is in the 'slow' category of your reading genres.  Here's the link to my little yarn. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/50414/spacefall-book-one-of-the-nightcore-trilogy (...)

    14. Re: Advanced Review Swaps!

      I'll check it out and give you some constructive feedback.  Here's the link to my work if you're interested. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/50414/spacefall

    15. Re: Hello! New writer here trying to navigate this page ^^

      Very few get anywhere in life without a bit of shameless self-promotion.  Welcome to the site!

    16. Re: Howdy!

      What you write may be personal, but hopefully how you write isn't.  That way others can help you tell your story the best way possible.  Oh, and welcome to the site!

    17. Re: How's it going?

      A writer who isn't great at introductions?  I bet you're selling yourself short.  Welcome regardless!

    18. Re: Hullo There

      Welcome to the site!

    19. Re: A How Do You Do

      Welcome to the site.  I hope you find great success here!