Daniel J Hull

Daniel J Hull

    1. Re: Nice to meet you, I'm Nobodys Odysseus

      Welcome to the site!  I like your genre mix, but you're right, it isn't the most popular here.  Still, you'll do fine if your story and writing are good.

    2. Re: Hello Hello

      Welcome to the site!  I'm sure it'll excite your bony molecules.

    3. Re: Writer, Soldier and Goat Herder

      A military-trained cyberpunk goat could be... interesting.  Welcome to the site!

    4. Re: I'm Ren. I write things.

      Welcome to the site.  We read things...and review things!  Best wishes!

    5. Re: I have more book sales than RR followers

      Congrats on the sales.  I hope it does well.

    6. Re: Question about resubmitting story.

      I won't give up on it.  I just may not put it back on RR.  I've already written the entire trilogy (though book 3 needs some major edits still).  I'll use the feedback I've been given and clean up the (...)

    7. Re: Question about resubmitting story.

      You can resubmit a story, yes. Other than that, you need to clarify what you're asking.  Hmmm, well... I am wondering if the same work can be successful after reworking it and resubmitting it.  My (...)

    8. Question about resubmitting story.

      Has anyone ever pulled their story and tried resubmitting a few months or even a year later after edits?  Just looking at my options.  Thanks.

    9. Re: Is it possible for non-LitRPG stories to do well on RR?

      It depends on how you define "do well".   From my personal experience, I do okay but I'll never come close to the litRPG numbers.  Of course, that's just me.  Still, my numbers aren't awful.  There's a (...)

    10. Re: The Zombie Apocalypse happened and I'm stuck up here in space.

      Hah, I'll have to check this out.  It's very similar to my premise.  Don't worry, there are huge differences too, I'm sure.

    11. Re: New here - dark fiction writer

      Welcome to the group!   :peoapproval:

    12. Re: New Here- Fantasy, Adventure writer!

      Hey, hey.  Welcome to the pit!  Lots of good folks here.  I've played my share of D&D, so I'm betting you'll do just fine.

    13. Re: 40 Reviews, No Swaps, No Strings

      I'd love your thoughts on my novel, Spacefall.  It's not litRPG.  If you don't like the blurb, feel free to pass.  No sense in reading something you don't want to, right?

    14. Re: Over 250k words uploaded for Lure O' War (Old Realms saga)

      250k is awesome.  I'm not quite there yet, but closing quickly.  Congrats!  That's a real accomplishment.

    15. Re: 10k views!

      Very nice.  Congrats!  I've been toggling between 83 and 84 followers for a week now, so I feel ya.

    16. Re: 10.000 posts

      Wow, way to be a team player!

    17. Re: 1000 views and 26 followers!!!

      You're doing great!  Congrats!

    18. Hit 15,000 views

      Gotta celebrate the wins, right!