Omnia Online

Great start to a story

I can easily see this story becoming one of my favorites on RR.  Keep up the good work!

The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

I really enjoy the dungeon building aspect of this story, but anytime the author moves away from that, and onto other characters I lose interest.  

The Crafting Hero

 Part of this story does not make sense to me.  The MC makes illogical decisions, and it makes it difficult to read.  He finds out early on that he can craft items easily and levels quickly.  Then he learns that he can sell them for a good profit which could set him up in style without much effort.  Instead he is hell bent on fighting in a world he knows little about.  At the very least he should level is crafting enough where he can make himself impressive armor and weapons before he risks his life.  Why would you title this crafting hero, and then have a hero that ignores crafting and just wants to fight?

Gambled World

OK story, but unlikable MC

 Not a fan of this type of writing style, and the grammar is average.  Biggest issue I have is the MC is not that likable.  In the later chapters, I find my self almost rooting for him to get killed.

Medical Wolf

Great story...terrible title

This story is quickly becoming one of my favorites on RR.  I think the author would get more traffic if he changed the title.

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

I lost interest after a while (about ch. 44).  It was cute and fun for a bit, but it never really felt like a cohesive story.  The world building was shallow, the character development was shallow, the author seemed more concerned with getting a laugh than telling a good story.  Also, just because you have an OP character doesn't mean there can't be challenges.  Everything was just too easy, which made the plot bland.

The Gam3: Origin

Maybe if I read this first...

Maybe if I had read this first before the original, I might have liked it better.  Because I didn't, I can't help comparing one to the other.  In so doing, this one falls short.  One issue is that this author over-explains A LOT.  That is annoying enough is a regular book, but in this one where I already know most of the backstory, I find myself skimming lots of paragraphs.


One of my favorite parts of the original is how thought out the game mechanics were.  It was really impressive.  It comes off as a very poor copy in this story.   Last but not least, the MC.  While he is intelligent, and not cowardly, he still came off as a little too whiny.  No one wants to read about the hero of the story whining.


Overall, it just could not hold my interest.


Good, but kind of a waste

When I first started reading this story, it seemed like it was going to be really interesting.  MC invents an A.I. and they are going to change the world.  I thought it was going to be about gaining power through science and technology, cool inventions, similar to Ell Donsaii, if you have read that series.  Unfortunately, the MC quickly turns into a sociopath, and this story becomes a series of chapters about him killing various evil people.  Just like half the stories on this site.  Lost interest after chapter 11.


I like the idea of this story, but all the author does is harp on how just 'above average' the MC is, and it gets annoying.  Especially considering his best friend is an elite student.  All I kept thinking was, why isn't this story about him?

The Chronicle of Karl: Industrialization of Rohrkadia

When I read the synopsis for this story, I thought it would have the potential to be one of my favorite stories on RR.  Unfortunately, it needs a lot of work.  The idea is great, but the execution is below average.  I realize that this author is not a native English speaker, and while his grasp on the English language is very good for conversations, it is not that great for telling a story.  Grammar was getting progressively worse after each chapter (I read through Ch. 3), and the vocabulary used was incredibly bland.  The story needs more, and better descriptors.  Right now it reads less like a story, and more like an instruction manual.