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daynight dreamer

Daily life of a cultivation judge

Daily life of a cultivation judge
474 pages

Tired of those cultivators who think it is righteous to eliminate a sect or clan root and stem all in the name of revenge and avoiding future troubles, fights over treasures that end up destroying cities with no consequence whatsoever to the culprit, these psychos whose aim for the peak always involves a trail of carnage and bloodshed in its wake for some reason. Then look no further than the daily life of a cultivation judge. Yang Qing, is a young genius cultivator from a low-tier family whose only safe choice to get resources and hopefully lead an easy life led him to the courts of the Cultivation Order Society.

Author’s disclaimer: Hey there this is my first novel so any criticism will be well taken though beware I’m a million-year-old monster who has cultivated the way of the sword to the peak. The daily life of a cultivation judge will be true to its name so it will be heavily on the slice of life lane with a bit of action here and there.Meaning we will see the life of Yang Qing when he clocks in and out. Chapter release will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with either a double release or bonus chapter twice a month.

Please note this novel is only available on Webnovel, Royal road, and scribblehub. If you see it anywhere else please inform me in the comments or author inbox

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Cover art by Conny Schneider on Unsplash

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117 pages

Welcome to the City of Dawnhaven. A place made up of those running from something and those to something. The city of chances that welcomes people and races from all walks of life:

-A spirit elf who tried to make skewer sticks using the branches from the Tree of life claiming it would push the meaty flavors to a whole new level. This ended up with him being kicked out however his dream to be a well-renowned chef has only just begun

-A gray orc who decided to be a tailor and seamster making some of the finest clothes be they normal or just in case you need something a little custom-made with some top-tier magical enchantments, the gray orc will not disappoint.

- A half-merman that actively tries to make every resident of the city a member of his nonexistent pirate crew and moonlights as a shameless bard on the side trying to draw in recruits with exaggerated tales

-A hobgoblin who wants to be a renowned adventurer

-A half moon elf half vampire skilled in healing spells enough to rival treants skilled in restoration spells

- A father, husband, and strange creature enthusiast looking for a fresh start for himself and his family.

Will all who come to Dawnhaven be able to truly leave their past behind or will it catch up to them and threaten to drown the city. Only time will tell...

Author’s disclaimer:

Hey there Daynight dreamer here also author of the daily life of a cultivation Judge. I welcome you all into the new journey with the City of Dawnhaven. The world the story is based off is very huge so I'll share a map to help you keep track of where the kingdoms, empires, and other nations are located.

Above is the link to the map

The Art cover is fully owned by me.

Thank you all!!!!!!!!

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