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Konstantin Spasoff

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Gender: Male
Location: Bulgaria
Bio: I am a Bulgarian, writing in German first, then translating to English.
If you want to read them in German, then look me up on Wattpad, where I upload the German version.

My stories are in the genre of mystery, horror and fantasy, set in the modern world.
I would say, that mystery comes first with my stories. I love to read a good mystery story.

I currently have 3 short stories done. I have to translate "Anna" and upload it here. Also working on my 4th "Going Insane".

It's fun writing them and I hope you have fun reading them.

I make my covers myself, if it wasn't obvious. I like minimalist art, so that's what I am going for with them. Sometimes, less is more.

Also, working on making them into an audio book and uploading them to, youtube and spotify. It's fun.

Before writing, I made a small game on steam. It still needs a bit of work, but I'll get back to it at a later point. It would be fun to combine writing and game development in the future. I have the know-how, it's just a ton of work.

My favorite books are "The Dark Tower Series" by Stephen King.
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