1. Re: Do you prefer to see your character grow and succeed or tormented and suffer?

      My writing’s somewhere in between—I like to write characters having fun and succeeding, but at the same time, a plot can’t plot on it’s own, right? A lot of my characters ultimately get happy endings, (...)

    2. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      I’ve had a teacher who said that she reads the first chapter of the book and then the last chapter to make sure she wasn’t going to be disappointed. In addition to everything above, it could partly be (...)

    3. Any kind of story without too much content warnings?

      I’d like to read some stories, but some content warnings (specifically of the sexual variety; I’m all right with gore, traumatizing content, and profanity depending on detail/severity/frequency) are turning (...)

    4. A world of war, gain, and loss...

      Twenty Years is a story set in a Japanese kingdom with Western influences. Two kingdoms exist on one continent—Kuro no Ōkoku and Gin no Ōkoku—and have an antagonistic relation with each other. Each one (...)

    5. Re: The Weirdest Research...

      Maybe not weird, but I’ve definitely looked up questionable things before. Mixed in with certain places’ culture and legends, I’ve also looked up how quickly you’d die if you were stabbed in the middle (...)