1. Re: fantasy etiquette

      I usually don’t capitalize them unless it’s a title—so...pretty much what’s been said before me. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen things like elves and dwarves capitalized, but I could be wrong since (...)

    2. Re: Reading your old stories

      I read over my old fanfiction quite a lot, to similar effects. I don’t quite have enough original stories to read over those fondly; I’m less likely to enjoy looking over them. Sometimes I distinctly remember (...)

    3. Re: Signature help

      In theory, the “Generate for my Fictions” (or something along those lines) button on the “Edit Signature” page should be what you’re looking for! That’s how mine are on the same row, anyway.

    4. Re: Quick check up.

      So far, I’ve had four bad (read: sad and/or self-hating) days in a row. Not fun :/ Desperately hoping I get some help soon; it’s killing my motivation, too. I’m going in and out of being sad, happy, or (...)

    5. Re: Promote your story with your biggest regret while writing it

      For Fallen: that Alyson and Jacob eventually just became,,,people. They stopped being actual characters because I found Iztris and Elsyn more interesting—there are even two or three whole chapters devoted (...)

    6. Re: Which one of these ideas might get more readers?

      All right, I’m satisfied with these answers. I’ve decided to focus on 4 (which will not be a harem, just to specify, although I understand the concept certainly sounds like it and wholly expect someone (...)

    7. Re: How far ahead can you auto-schedule chapters?

      would that mess up the auto-updates or the ‘new chapter in’ counter? The new "Next Chapter: " thing? First off: no, it wouldn't mess up the auto updates. I've added chapters into Drafts in random orders (...)

    8. How far ahead can you auto-schedule chapters?

      In addition to the title: is there a limit on how many chapters you can schedule? Since I’ve finished writing my current story, I’ve been considering scheduling auto-updates for the next 60 or so chapters (...)

    9. Which one of these ideas might get more readers?

      While I’m feeling kind of motivated, I had a question for all of you. I have several ideas—I’ll give a brief description of each, and I’d like you guys to give a basic idea of which one would gain a little (...)

    10. Re: Tell me how you write

      I tend to start with a ‘concept’—a very basic plot outline—then detail it paragraph style. I’m afraid to be a panster because then I’m just drifting aimlessly with a vague goal, which leaves a lot of time (...)

    11. Re: other idea tickles

      I have new ideas constantly; some get farther than others. I just write them down somewhere else and look at them when I have the time. Writing down concept blurbs might help get them out of your brain (...)

    12. Re: Desired End?

      Personally, I would like to write happy endings—I like to read happy endings, and ‘up for interpretation’ endings leave me with way too much to think about (sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s aggravating). (...)

    13. Just finished writing my longest story at 83 chapters

      I have done it! I just wrapped up writing my longest story to date at 83 chapters—and for reference, my next longest was a fanfiction at about 50 chapters—not including the intermission chapters which (...)

    14. Re: What is your favorite silly insult/curse?

      Maybe not an insult or curse per se, but in a lot of situations where people would curse (missing a jump or dying in a video game, stubbing my toe, etc.) I just go “I hate you,” sometimes adding “with (...)

    15. Re: Any writer here attempted or has created multiple stories in an interconnected universe

      In terms of small stories that all have a shared universe, the Fire Emblem series is an example; at least up to Fire Emblem Awakening, most games reference each other and a few take place in the same continent. (...)

    16. Re: Give me recommendations for novels with many characters that play a role in the development of the story.

      My story Gin and Kuro might suit your tastes, if you don’t mind the self-promotion. The story is divided up into six (possibly seven) parts, named after their main protagonist. Each part has at least one (...)

    17. Re: How long have you been writing your story? and what is driving you? if anything at all...

      I started writing Gin and Kuro back in the start of June. At first, my drive for writing it was to rewrite a previous series, similarly named Silver and Black. Now it’s kind of “I started it, I’m posting (...)

    18. Re: 8 or eight 5 or five

      I usually go with writing it out (“thirteen years later,” “five days passed”) unless it’s a part of a date, like the year—which might be a given. If it’s a ridiculous number above the 100s, though, I’d (...)

    19. Re: Fell Out Of Love With A Story

      I have this problem a lot, unfortunately :/ I come up with new ideas once or twice a month, but a lot of them I’ve lost interest in writing. I’ve had problems with losing interest ever since I started (...)

    20. Re: Giving Reviews For Shoutouts

      I’ll be able to give you a shoutout on Wednesday’s chapter of Gin and Kuro, if you’re all right with the story averaging at 12 views per chapter.