1. Re: Alright, This is Coming Sooner Than Expected

      That's great! Val will go on to get many more, I'm sure.  :DrakanWine:

    2. Re: promote your story by giving your favorite quote from it!

      “Is everyone ‘round these parts sharp as a tack or is that all you?”  —Milly Second

    3. Re: Can’t remember name of game..

      It could be From Dust, maybe?

    4. Re: 🍺 Sunday Snippets 25/09 | WEEK 61 🥨 Let's Celebrate Oktoberfest! 🍻

      This week's Millisecond: Superspeed is a curse snippet comes from Chapter 22: Disciplinary Meeting. Context: Milly gets a crash course on the three common ways to be a hero. (Well, four if we're counting (...)

    5. Re: Is there a way to filter or sort stories base on numbers of followers?

      Yes. You can go to advanced search and sort by followers rather than relevance.

    6. Re: Cover to my second book finished!

      Looks great!  :peoapproval: Four rings? I call shenanigans!

    7. Re: Help pls. How to name: a group of cat which the whole is a singular god.

      Well, the name for a group of cats is a 'clowder'. So perhaps you could go with "Godly Clowder"? I think the most logical thing to do though is to refer to the cats the same way they are referred to (...)

    8. Re: Should Sexuality/Gender 'Warnings' be in a synopsis?

      My only issue with this is that if romance isn't supposed to be a thing in their novel, then is there any reason it should be included. In the case I mentioned in the post, the author specified that there (...)

    9. Re: Should Sexuality/Gender 'Warnings' be in a synopsis?

      It's cool that you don't care, but there are two groups of people who do care. 1. People who don't like certain pairings and would like to avoid them. 2. People who like certain pairings and would (...)

    10. Re: Promote your story by telling us the most drastic change between the plan you originally had and what you (...)

      Originally, Milly's superspeed was permanently on from the start. Instead, it is currently on 99.6% of the time. ...Look, I realize it doesn't sound very dramatic when I put it like that, but it is! (...)

    11. Re: Novels with good characters and cool superpowers

      Well, superspeed is a pretty cool superpower in theory. Wanna see how having it might realistically go? ^^

    12. Re: Female MC trend?

      I went to Webnovel to compare, but the very first thing it did was ask me whether I preferred Male or Female stories. Do you think might’ve selected male and skewed the ratio that way? RR doesn’t have (...)

    13. Re: Offensive or Not?

      Agreed. That looks great. Excellent idea to focus on everyone's reaction to paint the picture instead of detailing the sight.

    14. Re: Promote your story with a song.

      "The ballad of Barry Allen" by Jim's big ego I've got time to think about the meaning of the thousand variations of the beating of a wing of a hummingbird suspended in the aspic of the world moving (...)

    15. Re: Solar Flare: Epic Superhero Soft Sci-Fi w/multiple POV characters

      Now that's a promotion! Dang! Also, the story is complete? Double Dang! I need to catch up! :D Glad to hear there's already a sequel coming.

    16. Re: What do you do when you've written your character into a situation you don't know how to resolve?

      Phone a friend. There may well be solutions you just aren’t seeing. A bit of brainstorming with others can help figure them out. Consider accepting failure. What does it actually look like if the character (...)

    17. Re: Promote your story by telling us how/why you named it what you named it

      The title sets up the hero's name and the fundamental premise.

    18. Re: The question of responsibility.

      Are you special, or could anyone do what you do and just doesn't? Depends on how you interpret it. If I quit something that can be done by others, but only if they spend the rest of their life on it (...)

    19. Re: The question of responsibility.

      Are you special, or could anyone do what you do and just doesn't?