1. Re: How do you stay relevant when not posting new material?

      1. Build a massively successful media empire with multiple high value IPs 2. Buy undeveloped land in the middle of nowhere using multiple shell companies (so that people don't know what you are doing (...)

    2. Re: Promote your fiction by explaining the main/other character(s) goals

      My protagonist wants to save their sibling and prevent a world war. ...Well, I don't know if 'world war' is the best description. It would be more like a cross between the war of Spanish Succession (...)

    3. Re: Relaunching my story

      Hi YoshikageKiraStan13, so did you return to RR and decided to relaunch your story, or were you always on RR but decided to relaunch your story? Also, you can link your story in the signature area. (...)

    4. Relaunching my story

      Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I'm relaunching my story, The Cursebreaker. A new chapter will be uploaded to the site for the next ten days or so. Here is a link to the story: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/50051/the-cursebreaker (...)

    5. Announcing the new and improve 'The Cursebreaker' (now with 100% less 10k+ chapters)

      Hello. I am happy to announce that I am rereleasing my story 'The Cursebreaker' on Royal Road. This new version has shorter chapters that can be read in one sitting and some footnotes. Come and read it (...)

    6. Re: My friend and me aren’t on speaking terms because of an arc I wrote.

      on Discord 24/7 Now there is your problem. Now to be serious, how old is this guy (if you don't mind me asking)? I was kind of like for a little bit when I was younger (but not to the same degree; (...)

    7. Re: Your favourite character archetype to write ?

      I think I like writing horrible people the most. There is this one character in my story (The Cursebreaker; a traditionally fantasy that you can read right now: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/50051/the-cursebreaker) (...)

    8. Re: Super important

      Congratulations. You've all outed yourselves as having trash taste. The best Jojo character is Kira, hands down.

    9. Re: How many fifth graders to take over the US government?

      You should read about the Children's Crusade.

    10. Re: Illustrated Fiction for YA: Yes or No?

      I don't think people will mind. Japanese light novels have been a thing for awhile now. 

    11. Re: Steak-Flavored Irish Potato Chips (or Crisps)

      I'm not Irish, but I'm pretty sure that this isn't racist. Come back when the company changes their mascot to a drunken Catholic leprechaun planting a car bomb. 

    12. Re: traditional fantasy - is this the wrong place?

      Hey everyone, See subject.  I have been writing a lot more traditional style fantasy. No LitRPG, No tables, no skills, no levels. Do you reckon by posting here, I am in the wrong spot for this? (...)

    13. Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

      So, if you don't mind me asking, which one of you guys have characters that are actually guilty of the crimes they could be charged with?

    14. Re: Weebs, were you ever inspired to write a series (not a fan fiction) after watching an anime or reading a manga?

      I've wanted to write a space opera like Legend of the Galactic Heroes for a long time, but I've never come up with anything worth-while.

    15. Re: What crimes could your protagonist be charged with?

      I don't usually participate in these threads, but this sounds like fun and a good way to promote my story so here I go: 1. high treason (one count) 2. murder (three counts) 3. attempted murder (two (...)