Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis

    1. Happy New Year!!! (at least in my time zone, lol)

      Sorry if this post is 17 minutes late. Everyone in my town is absolutely living the life despite the rising inflation, and I just had to join in. That said, my New Year resolution is to finally get off (...)

    2. Re: Six-word Story Challenge

      Holy guacamole, this thread of mine is still going strong, huh? Now I really need to get into being an author ASAP. This may seem dramatic, but seeing y’all gathered here to show your skills legit brightens (...)

    3. I realized a grave injustice in TV Tropes

      There’s no page for Salvos! Not even books like Azarinth Healer and Primal Hunter get any mention besides in their forums. I see thousands of people talk about these books in Amazon and Goodreads, but (...)

    4. Re: Why did you start writing?

      A lot of my classmates in uni found my short stories for English class oddly engaging for someone who merely watched random meme videos on YouTube in their spare time. Eventually, so many of my ideas culminated (...)

    5. Re: Will a chapter length averaging 3K-4K words turn readers off?

      There's a lot of data out there to suggest that 1-1.5k word chapters on a daily release is how you drive the largest audience. If you look at the most popular stories, this is the trend.  That doesn't (...)

    6. Re: Will a chapter length averaging 3K-4K words turn readers off?

      Did you perhaps read that one instead of Glimpse? Cuz that one only does 2k to 3k words per chap. I’m not sure because that was quite some time, but I do believe it was a litrpg, and the first chapter (...)

    7. Re: Will a chapter length averaging 3K-4K words turn readers off?

      Uhm, my latest chaps are generally 3k+.  There aren't any complaints about length so far. :FancyDrakan: Yeah, I actually noticed that, because I read your latest work from time to time, lol. I started (...)

    8. Will a chapter length averaging 3K-4K words turn readers off?

      The first volume of my upcoming novel still needs a few touches, but the average length has bothered me for a while. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that while my prose is witty and readable, it also takes (...)

    9. I finally found a prose I enjoyed the most. How did you?

      This is a thread I made on SH, but I felt like it didn’t hurt to post here as well. There was a time when I was so rigid with my writing style that I’d never even consider using punctuation other than (...)

    10. Do you write about colors thematically?

      Movies and anime inspired me to write such things. So I’ve always wondered if writers used various hues and shades to create a thematic landscape in their stories. In my first novel, I used purple subtly (...)

    11. I never needed to write a prologue. Period.

      Long story short, I posted a thread to see if someone would give me feedback on my prologue. Even though it was just one person, it gave me more insight than I thought. They were confused reading the first (...)

    12. Feedback for my prologue draft

      I wasn’t sure where to share this, because I don’t have a novel yet for a review swap. But, as always, any feedback would be much helpful for me right now. So far, I feel like this prologue is too long, (...)

    13. Re: Knowing your audience

      This is pretty much why I deleted my novel, because even though I wrote for a hobby, I didn’t have a voice at all. As I’ve said, it was more self-indulgence than a coherent story. I had fun, but I finally (...)

    14. Re: Deleting my novel, cuz I gotta

      As time goes on, you will pick those critics who are mysteriously interested in convincing you should delete your story, but rarely have stories of their own visible ... Well, I’m glad I never had that, (...)

    15. Deleting my novel, cuz I gotta

      After some talks with my Discord friend, and a few feedbacks I got on SH, my eyes “finally opened” for the first time. Seven months in, and I never put myself on the audience’s shoes. In other words, I (...)

    16. Re: how would you make a one year+ time skip work well without making it feel weird

      The easiest way is trou birthday parties OMG, that’s what I did for my first time skip, lmao. And the next one will also involve another birthday of one of my six MCs.

    17. Re: An arc villain in my book died within seconds. Expectations subverted?

      I do advocate surprising the reader, but NOT without proper foreshadowing. Funny you should mention that, because I did. Every confrontation the MC had with the said villain (and former blood brother) (...)

    18. An arc villain in my book died within seconds. Expectations subverted?

      I’ve mentioned this topic before in several threads of mine. But it seemed I got some more naysayers in my Discord. In a nutshell, the lead character killed the final villain of the first saga. I framed (...)

    19. Would a grimdark litRPG of a sentient potato hit RS here?

      It might, but I’d love to ask consent from someone here who is one. Until then, I’m all ears.