1. Re: How do you feel about multiple changes of perspective during a chapter?

      I don't mind multiple perspectives so long as they're separated in the prose - I'm not big on head-hopping in the same scene. For example, if Character A and Character B are on a mission together, (...)

    2. Re: Killing Off Characters

      That's an interesting experience actually and I must ask, when that happens, and you have fans angry at you for such a thing, how much pressure does it add to your writing when fan expectations aren't (...)

    3. Re: Do you ever get tired of being in your MC's headspace?

      ...How do you folk with villainous leads handle the creep-in effect?  I set a scheduled writing time and stick to it. That sounds a bit vague, so I'll clarify. (^_^)" I've an MC that endured (...)

    4. Re: Killing Off Characters

      It's arguably one of the most difficult things (at least for me) to do, especially if you've grown to love 'em, but have you ever altered the plot of your story just so you can keep a character you love (...)

    5. Re: The (Un)Official What Are You Reading Today? And Next? Thread

      Didn't see one yet - and decided to start one largely because of this amazing title for a paper just started reading. Idit Keider et al. All you need is DAG. (arxiv, PODC2021) Awesome! * * * (...)

    6. Re: Slowing Moving In...

      Thanks to everyone for the welcome!

    7. Slowing Moving In...

      My name is Tina and I used to write erotic comics and OEL manga, now I write episodic fiction for comics readers. I'm a Jeffrey Combs and Tobias Menzies addict - in that order, heavy into scifi, horror, (...)