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    1. Re: Worldbuilding: what’s your style?

      I am always worried about insulting my reader's intelligence by explaining TOO much.  The fact that Kjootoo, a superpowered Haitian Shaman, regularly communes with Loas is pretty cool, but where do I (...)

    2. Re: Is Star Wars A Good Example?

      Science Fiction, or 'speculative fiction', is a genre where a story or plot is moved forward through the use of advanced technologies, theories, and futuristic ideas for things that do not exist yet because (...)

    3. Re: Worldbuilding: what’s your style?

      I kinda like putting a 'mini prologue' in italics in the beginning of several chapters, like a story from the world, a piece of a speech, a short newspaper article, a saying from a popular celebrity, or (...)

    4. Re: Health bars make no sense

      its weird we never saw an interaction where the Mentor just cripples the kid or killed him as he did not read him correctly because of the dumb Game mechanis :D So write a story about how stupid litRPG (...)

    5. Re: I wrote a 2k-word-long prologue thinking, "I should cut down the word count for the other chapters,"

      I experience chronic chapter inflation. You act like that's a bad thing :)

    6. Re: Worst stories one has read.

      Empress Theresa, because you gotta understand the bad and the ugly to enjoy the good. I don't think there is a way to shortcut to an user's profile directly, so dashboard had to do. Bruh, you just made (...)

    7. Re: I wrote a 2k-word-long prologue thinking, "I should cut down the word count for the other chapters,"

      I write 5k-6k chapters, but I often put in chapter breaks. You know, lines where the scene changes. I only release 2-3 times a week, so I want readers to feel like they are reading a ministory with each (...)

    8. Re: Does anyone knows and use Hemmingway's editor online?

      The Silence of the Lambs kicked ass.  So, back on track, anyone know of a good capitalization checker?

    9. Re: Does anyone knows and use Hemmingway's editor online?

      I've found grammarly to be far better. AI is AI and if you let it at your work too much your work starts to look and feel like it was written by an AI. The best editors are the ones that call your attention (...)

    10. Re: the arcane emperor rank in the best rated is 237...

      That's always going to happen to webfic. Ideally, you have a series that ends before it gets too boring, like the simpsons should have. That way the great author can start a NEW story or series and rebuild (...)

    11. Re: The problem with Xianxia Novels

      If the tropes work, why not use them? And if your character is attractive, why does every female character have to fall deeply in love and join a harem? It's entirely possible to sleep with someone, and (...)

    12. Re: Is Star Wars A Good Example?

      I hate to get all technical about it, but no, Star Wars isn't science fiction any more than time bandits. There was a reason why scifi authors tried to get book companies in the 80's to rename the genre (...)

    13. Re: Authors are disappearing left and right.

      I want to state in advance, that if you are specifically writing webfiction, that is intended to move on with user feedback, and entertain the specific audience that is here, RR is second to none in ease (...)

    14. Re: The lowdown on Love Triangles?

      Hey, we write books about alien gods, dragons, wizards, vampires, Artificial Sapience, and unicorns. Might as well throw in a few more impossible dreams. Never be afraid to Dream, and dream big. (...)

    15. Re: What meme has done irreparable damage to your imagination?

      The one where someone explains that Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones was actually entirely irrelevant to the actual plot of Raiders of the lost ark. If he hadn't been there: Ballock still would have gotten (...)

    16. Re: Coffee

      a 2 liter of coke or mountain dew will dew in a pinch.

    17. Re: Best fantasy novels to read on Royal road. No Romance pls, No harem.

      The best fantasy novels, no romance? That's like asking for the fastest car on the road that doesn't use tires or motors. I guess there's a few black buggies out there with horses.

    18. Re: How to grow your patreon

      The secret is the special growing formula that you mix with the patron seeds. You spread it on the outside of your patron statue, just add water, and boom! in only 3 days they have sprouted. In a week (...)

    19. Re: Authors are disappearing left and right.

      I've seen this lately as well. It seems when stories reach Rising Stars, they receive a tsunami of harsh criticism. The few authors I've personally known didn't last long on there before they pulled down (...)

    20. Re: The lowdown on Love Triangles?

      The only appropriate way to end a true love triangle is by killing off the focal point of the triangle. Why? because they won't make up their mind. I despise the indecisive. Now, a partial love triangle, (...)