R E Taylor

R E Taylor

    1. Re: Simple Guide For Improving View Rate

      1. Shoutouts. Is there a good place to do shoutouts? I'm never sure where to put them in.

    2. Re: Promote your story with a meme

      https://i.imgflip.com/6uhvo9.jpg The Garbage Gladiator

    3. Re: Published my story, immediately got found by someone and got a 5 star review!

      I couldn't be more thankful, I went to do groceries and walk the dog after sending for approval and when i came back the story was approved and someone had reviewed it. It feels awesome.  That's awesome! (...)

    4. Re: Writing LGBTQIA+ characters and books

      When it comes to writing LGBT+ characters, I've always assumed there is two ways of going about it. The first is to make it really obvious upfront. Boys love, Girls love, Transitioning stories and (...)

    5. Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

      The Garbage Gladiator Honestly, my favorite scene was the one I started with. Two giant robots lock in gladiatorial combat. Giant Robot hand vs a suit of knights armor concealing some Lovecraft surprises? (...)

    6. Re: Promote your fiction with the most basic description of it you can think of

      What's The Garbage Gladiator about? Well...did you like the movie Real Steel? So did I.

    7. Re: Progression stories about authors grinding for pageviews

      See title. Are there any gamelit progression stories about authors leveling up by climbing the rankings?  :peoconfused: I didn't know I needed this, but now I do.

    8. Re: Promote your story with the first three paragraphs the reader sees

      (For The Garbage Gladiator) An inch closer and the heat from the Rocket Punch would have blistered Jester’s skin. Flecks of metal from the damaged robot burrowed into his second-hand suit, as The (...)

    9. Re: First Completed Fiction!

      Oooh. Monster girls... I might read it actually. :FancyDrakan: Congratulations! :DrakanWine: haha, I hope you enjoy it, and thank you!

    10. Re: First Completed Fiction!

      <3 ~Rhea Thank you both! I really appreciate it.  (...)

    11. Re: First Completed Fiction!

      Congratulations on a truly great achievement. Finishing a book is no easy task so well done. Thank you!

    12. Re: First Completed Fiction!

      gratz, that must feel awesome, happy for you, hope it kills it for you... Thank you so much!

    13. First Completed Fiction!

      I did it! My first ever real fiction, Death By Monster Babes, is complete! Fully finished and all posted. Feels good. I hope to complete more, and thanks to everyone who reviewed it. And of course, (...)