1. Re: Theme song for your work or characters?

      "The Mandolorian" is a great song, it's one of my favorite character's themes now because it fits them so well, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXJa1YcV6OQ&ab_channel=StarWars

    2. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      I believe, from what I see, that female protagonists and main characters are very popular! Me, personally, would rather have a male protagonist, and I believe some genres are generally 'better suited' (...)

    3. Re: In Your Opinion What's The Most Exciting Part About Being An Author?

      Worldbuilding for sure! That and seeing how my characters interact with the world I've build around them. It's almost as good as living in the world myself with how deep I go into worldbuilding (almost) (...)

    4. Re: What Book or Author Made You Decide To Become A Writer?

      It was actually a friend! She gave me a college-ruled notebook with a checkered cover in third grade and told me she wanted to start a writing club with me where we made stories. I had great difficulty (...)

    5. Re: Happy Ah…Monday. 🤨

      I'm sick with the Covid :D  Fun times, very unproductive, I think I've been sick a week and have not written more than a paragraph.

    6. Re: Do you have an ending in mind when you start writing a book.

      For me, I usually have the ending scene in mind but I don't know how everything will wrap up. For my dystopian book, I knew the other main character was going to die at the end because it needed the bittersweet (...)

    7. Re: Shower is my Muse

      When you let your brain reset and just sit there and be relaxed for a while, it allowed creatively. It's like getting good ideas when you're trying to go to sleep but don't' want to get up to write them (...)

    8. Contemporary Genre Story Hooks~ A Struggle

      Alright, hi y'all, I'm here for complaining so buckle your seatbelts. I'm one to dabble in contemporary but my comfort is in fantasy and dystopian genres because they have more creative space to do (...)

    9. Re: Whats the best software/program for adding text to a book cover?

      I like editing my book covers on BeFunky image editor. It's not the BEST but I'm used to it and it still has a lot of features for free.

    10. Re: "I want to be a writer" Vs "I want to be an author"

      I think of "I want to be a writer" as someone who can effectively create a story, whether it be for friends or family to read, or just yourself. "I want to be an author" is more of an aspiration in a successful (...)

    11. Re: Share a Writing Premise

      My guy~ Please inform me on where I can get dreams like yours??? I want to go on an epic quest in my sleep

    12. Re: Genre vs genre

      I write epic fantasy and action mostly but I like reading fantasy and comedy more so (Fantasy doesn't have the compitment epic does and comedy because I don't consider myself a very funny person~).

    13. Re: Weird fact(s) about your antagonist(s)

      My antag for my epic is a tad possessed by a dead god so you can't really blame him for all he's doing.

    14. Re: School.

      I enjoy reading both, but being the chronic worldbuilder I am, I tend to write more specialized schools if it's in a fantasy setting. If it is more of a contemporary setting, I usually pull from my own (...)

    15. Re: What introduced you to RR?

      I was trying to find a site where I could talk to other writers and post my own stuff, I'm not a big reader for online work, but I still found some good stories :)

    16. Re: What do you do with your surface level ideas.

      I'll always make a document that has these one to two liners that are categorized for a tone or a sort of emotion connected to them, so that way when I go to write a scene, I'll casually go through to (...)

    17. Re: How often (if ever) do you buy the ebook version of a story if one is available?

      If there's a physical version of the book, I never get the e-book. There's just something about actually turning a pages and having the book in your hands + I won't get sidetracked when I'm reading a physical (...)

    18. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head?

      Like it's a movie live action all the way, I've never thought about it, but I think trying something else could be fun.

    19. Re: Is This in Need of a Tag?

      Considering people can be triggered by just the word itself, I think you should include it anyway; better safe than sorry.

    20. Re: I have managed to write one million words in the last year.

      A- A million? Are you okay, my guy? That's amazing, dedication right there.  May every writer have your drive!