1. Re: What's the story of your name?

      Pretty simple. It’s something I came up with when I was six and it just stuck. Or rather, I didn’t feel like thinking of something else and now I don’t feel like finding something else that isn’t taken (...)

    2. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/838077453460176956/985225449670082661/2A9BE8F8-3F0B-40EB-9FFA-6E1271E983C3.png The Butterfly Effect is a series set in a medieval fantasy world with magic, adventure, (...)

    3. Re: Promote your story with the first three paragraphs the reader sees

      From The Twins of Masylm: “We found them, sir.” “Where are they?”  “Nafrius. No one seems to realize who they are… it doesn’t even look like they know.”

    4. Re: Free Reviews!

      Can you check out The Twins of Masylm, linked in my signature? Thank you for doing these.

    5. Re: Promote your Story by telling the original Idea/thought

      The Butterfly Effect- a boy was trying to find his missing friend, only to find out where she is she can’t/doesn’t want to leave (heavily implied that she’s dead). It’s grown a lot since then, though, (...)

    6. Re: Community Contest work recommendations

      I’m writing a chapter a day in my project, The Twins of Masylm, and have the whole first book planned out. It’s going to continue after the contest (by no means a short story), but I wanted the entire (...)

    7. Re: Offering my humble reviewing services (first 10k) [OPEN]

      Can you check out what I have for The Twins of Masylm so far? It hasn’t reached over 10k words yet, but chapter 7 would be where to stop.

    8. Re: Hullo, got recs?

      Welcome to Royal Road! You’ll probably have better luck finding stories on the Recommendations forums, but I would like to shamelessly point you in the direction of my two stories. The Butterfly Effect (...)

    9. Re: Promote your story with an authentic review of your story.

      Here’s one that I got for The Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect is an interlocking series ofstories dealing with the the knock-on effects of different characters and their adventures, which excels (...)

    10. Re: 3 slots - I’ll review your story in exchange for comments

      Could you check out The Butterfly Effect? For the comments, though, I’m going to warn you I question a lot of stuff so I may come off as rude… If you’d prefer, I can PM them to you instead of actually (...)

    11. Re: How's everyone's stories for the RR Magazine Contest (June 2022) going?

      I just finished writing the third chapter of mine, but I’ve got to go back and edit it later. It’s been nice to step back from my main project and focus on something else for a little while. 

    12. Lowering word count after editing?

      I’ve been doing some revisions for one of my stories to cut down on some of the needless exposition and switch out some long paragraphs for dialogue. It drops the word count of most chapters by 500 words—from (...)

    13. Re: Hobby or job.

      In an ideal world I'd make a living from writing. But I'm a realist, so it's a hobby. This my thoughts as well. There’s a reason I just hope to be “a published author” not “the next biggest bestseller.” (...)

    14. Re: What does your protagonist want the most?

      For Natheniel from Departure: attention and love. He will do anything to feel important and loved—to be worthy of the secrets his parents are keeping from him. As a spoiler for The Butterfly Effect as (...)

    15. Re: Do you write short stories? And why?

      Shorter stories aside, I have intentions of writing one 800-3,000 word long short story every week for my series here. It’s there for two main reasons: to mention scenes or events that might be important (...)

    16. Re: Badly explain the plot of your series with no spoilers

      Something happened that ruined everything, except no one knows what it is and they certainly don’t know how to fix it. Most of them either unintentionally make it worse or try to make it better. Then there’s (...)

    17. Re: Free first inpression reviews

      Could you check out The Butterfly Effect? It’s a fantasy/adventure/mystery series, though from here I’m just going to focus on Departure. Departure follows a prince about to make the biggest mistake (...)

    18. Re: Royal Road in your dreams

      I had a dream last night that my friend reviewed my story. 

    19. Step Into the World of The Butterfly Effect! Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, And More!

      The whole world is on edge, reeling over the event that started it all. Should the flickering light vanish completely, darkness will consume all. But nothing is as it first appears, and it’s the smallest (...)