Psycho in Naruto

I started reading it expecting some kind of evil genius that loved killing people but would be smart about it. You know, like a true psychopath, one who hide behind a mask of normalcy but be the most disturbing thing in the world.

Instead I am met with a toddler, yes a toddler, that is killed and is reborn. And that is all you can expect from this story. The MC is the definition of stupid. If you were to look up the word moron in the dictionary, this MC would pop up.

He is that stupid. While author claims that he is smart, He is not, dear author-sama. He is so not.

This is just a massive disappointment.

A Jaded Life

Not what it promises to be.

With the name 'A Jaded Life', you would expect some sort of MC who was cautious and not a happy go lucky sort of fellow. Unforutnately, that is not what we get.

The MC is betrayed, but we see no effect of this on the MC in her play style. It is so utterly disappointing.

The second thing is that the story starts with bonuses and negative effects that essentially force the MC to be a lone wolf. Some of them even the MC choses herself. Yet, all of a sudden, the MC starts getting a parade of side characters which pledge themselves to her only for the sake of plot. NO other logical reason. The author gets around this plot hole by trying to be clever and making all her companions as NPC. We are not fooled. This is not what we came here for. 

Thirdly, an MC that is supposedly Jaded and was betrayed goes far and beyond to save the life of a random woman in the forest, because she "felt compelled" or some other crap. Then MC just randomly assualts the sleeping woman, who for the sake of plot, essentially falls in love with the MC.

So damn stupid.

Thirldy, the MC is so trusting of others, like she believes everything. Everything. There is nothing that would tell you that this MC is supposedly "Jaded". Nothing.

This story is like the "Everyone Loves Large Chest" in the aspect that they both use their Title for misdirection. While ELLC's misdirection is exciting and fun to read, this novel's misdirection is just disappointing.

Now, this story is not bad. It is not good either but it is not bad. This sort of falls in that 'Meh' category of average novels. Thus the 3 stars. But it is so not what it promises it to be. Thus I couldn't go past chapter 35.

P.S. While editing remove those walls of text. They are very displeasing the eye. Break them into short paragraphs instead.

The Gamer - Naruto World

Everything Cliche that you can think of.

It started out nice; in the very first chapter the MC states that Naruto is the most annoying person and from there it seems something new, promising.

But then 4 chapters later the MC has invited naruto to live in his home and starts mothering him, all the while they are the same age!! And this happened out of nowhere, like what? Where did this come from?

It annoying. And disappinting.

Requiem of Souls

Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment.

It is definetely enjoyable. The pacing is fast but it needs to be otherwise we would be incredibly bored. There are 3 very dustinct sentions in this story 

1] When he is summoned.

2] When he is betrayed.

3] The current one (not naming so as to not spoil it for others, yes I know about speoliers tab but...meh).

The first one is rather long, truthfully unnecessary long, yet enjoyable nonetheless.

There are a few inconsistencies [like the characters being Japanese from Tokyo, yet not a single one is mentioned as asian, in fact quite a few are blue-eyed-blond] but those are minors things that you can ignore and don't affect the story much. 

Second part is also enjoyable, if you like OP MC and things popping out of nowhere. There are also some contradictions within this but it is very much entertaining.

The most recent one was absolutely delicious to read; given I like reading OP-OP [double OPness is just necessary here because levels are just a number] that aren't bound by morals of the lesser beings. That is one thing I like about the story; that the MC tries to be himself and resists any outside influence.

Overall, very enjoyable to read. Give it a try.

We dream of Worlds

So very, irritatingly, heartbreakingly, slow paced.

Overall Rating: 2.25/5

Good points about this story, are it's story and grammer while it's bad point include shallow, toddler-esque characters and slow -and I mean deathly, painfully, horribly and incredulously slow- pace.

First let's talk about the good points.

Storyline: I like the way story has been setup, and all the Myths around that. That is the redeeming point of this story. Rating 3.5/5

Grammer. I did not notice anything that would draw my attention or would be so horribly wrong that it would disrupt the story. So all good in my opinion. Rating 3.5/5

Now, let us talk about negative points.

Pace: This story doesn't move, or actually it refuses to move ahead and teases you with crawling bit by bit. Each chapter is not a chapter, it's a scene that does not deserve to be a stand alone chapter. And even beyong that, some scenes that should not have been scenes are turned into chapters.

Spoiler: Spoiler
Rating: 1/5


There are the so called Elders. They have shown not an ounce of intelligence and behave like toddlers but sometimes they decide to spice it up and become teenagers and start making 'Size Matters' jokes. I mean, really? 

And can we just not talk about the antagonists? They are supposedly grown adults in a spaceship that behave so stupidly that even a rock would look smarter in comparision just because it would do nothing.

Literally, if the antagonists bullies had kept their mouth shut, they would seem smarter.

Rating: 1/5

Anti-Hero: Journey of Fear

Good story and very well built characters. I was really disappointed that you killed off Ulther the NPC that MC had trained.