The Beast and The Swallow

This honestly was not a story that I expected to like. Romance is not my favourite genre, to say the least, and given that the story lacks magic in the initial stages, I was sceptical. HOWEVER. However, I have been converted. The story is not just a cheesy feel good romantic story, instead there are darker things lurking under the surface.

I also liked the fact that the two characters got tied together rather early and their romance develops from there. The entire story gives me very ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ vibe. Especially the male protagonist. I love it but my heart breaks at the same time. Those who have seen that drama will know what I am talking about. If you have seen that drama, you should read this.

Coming onto the story itself, I like how the world slowly blooms around the female protagonist. Even the horrors that she to live through only pop when the time is right. It is not like the female MC is sitting somewhere while reminiscing about all that went wrong in her life. It makes her very human. The same is true for the male MC. In the first chapter, he appears to be a tough macho man but as the story progresses, we see just how insecure he is about his scars and this titles of beast and monster.

The two are vulnerable and fit together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle; which is the premise of the story. I look forward to seeing where this story is going. There is one thing that I would like to mention and that would be the abrupt POV shifts in narration. If you could break the scene before shifting the POV, the story would be an even smoother read.


Revenge power fantasy done interestingly!

The story starts with setting up the motives of the MC, which are very clear cut and precise. The very chapter sets up on the revenge path against the people that treated him not just badly but as something worse than animal. Even animals have animal rights, something which the main character is denied by the people of his town. And that too for not a crime that he committed but something that his father did. Truly, the sins of the father passed down to the son.

Thus, we have something to root for from the very next chapter, as we feel the MC's helplessness and anger in the very first chapter.

There are various things that I found intriguing in the novel, things like monsters not having Levels or System despite human possessing it. Instead, they have a devouring ability. Then there is the inheritance that the MC received and the backstory of the witch descendants that guarded against the rise of the MC's benefactor. It hints at a deeper meaning behind the inheritance.

I also like the fact that that the MC is self-aware to realise what it can and can't fight. Overall, this is something that I would recommend.

Among Monsters and Men

This will cause you to question yourself.

Who are you? What are your values? What are your morals? What is right? What is wrong?

This novel will cause you to question all of this.

This does not mean that the characters are either evil or moral-less; they are neither. They are simply human that are bearing the sin of their fathers and the ancestors. Just how long should they bear this sin? Can they even bear this sin?

And if they don't want to bear it, then what? What can they do? Should they die for the sins that they did not commit? If you have conscience, this novel will make you think. Really think.

I would recommend this novel if you want to read something deeper than skin-depth power fantasy. If you want to enrich your sense of self and soul, read this.

The Atropos Schema

An extremely wee thought out story.

This is what happens when the author goes into great to ask himself, 'why is it like this?' Each and every point feels like it fits into a puzzle that I didn't even know was there. There is a reason as to why something is the way it is and this is just lovely.

We are not expected to simply have faith in the novel or in the MC, but we can see why such a decision was made. This point stands out the most when the reason for the existence of fantasy creatures is mentioned. That blew my mind.

Coming to the writing style, the style felt very natural. The story flowed like a calm river and I did not even realise when it was over.

The storyline is mot a simple survival either as there are heavier stakes here. In the initial few chapters, we are introduced to the scheme that is going on behind the scenes due to the presence of AI. We also established that soon enough earth would be facing destruction.

Grammar was simply delicious. I was so easy to read and understand the novel that I was not even taken aback even once due to grammar. 

Characters are the real heroes here though. The MC is a normal person. We know this, the MC knows this and his AI knows this. As a result, the AI takes steps to mitigate his normalcy and it is such a logical step that it is hard to fight against. 

Not only the MC, but other characters are also alive. They behave like people and let power get to their heads. However, they are not suicidal that challenge MC just for the sake of the plot. But that does not mean that those that are truly strong bend over backwards for the MC. No, they do not. They put MC in his place.

Overall, this should be in the trending in the next couple of months. See you there! :)

Rise of the Mechanar

Story Score: The story is littered with world-building without being big on info dumps. Which is a plus point. The goal of the MC is mentioned in the initial few chapters itself, so we are not left wondering just what is going on. A nice touch in my opinion.

Style Score: A big battle starts in the second chapter itself against the monsters. And despite not knowing anything about the monsters of the new world, the readers are not left wondering as information slowly seeps in, right when it is needed. Thus we don't just end up playing catch up.

Grammar Score: The grammar is good. The conversation was natural. Dialogues flowed into one another. I have no complaints. 

Character Score: Although not much has happened yet, the MC is driven by a certain madness that demands he take action. The battle lust within the MC is also a strong force driving him in his decision toward his goal. The battle scenes are incredibly described and the scene manifests naturally, keeping the reader on their toes. 

Overall, this is a novel that has a bright future ahead. Looking forward to where this goes!

The Legend of The Tamer

One of the few monster tamer stories that are worth reading! The story is based in a world where [Monster Tamer] is just another profession, thus the world is not a single-dimensional existence. You have assassins, berserker and others which make the world-building rich and fun to read. 

Not only this, but the rules of magic and reality are not simple either. For example, monster taming is not an easy business, as we have seen the original owner of the body die due to a failed taming. Also, you can't simply cut a tree to make a spear or harvest cotton to make a shirt. You need wood essence and vine essence, not cotton essence to make a shirt while wood essence and ore essence, not iron essence to make a spear. The world-building is that rich! This is not to mention how monster cores work and the complex levelling system AND the division of ranks which affect the soul. If I began to write about all of that, I am afraid that the world-building will be the only thing I will talk about the next 1,000 words. So I will stop. XD

Talking about the MC, we have a reincarnated soul whose previous age is not mentioned and neither is his back story. Instead, we see the soul meld with its new reality, however, it still remains haunted by its death. This was beautifully done. Despite not knowing the MC's actual age, we can surmise that he was no teenager by his action; which is a breath of fresh air. The man is cool, collected and intelligent, despite having emotional scars from his rebirth. He is an absolute delight to read.

Next are the story and the plot. In the initial chapters, we see that the soul acclimates into its new reality and it seems that it would be just another power fantasy. Boy, that is a wrong assumption. There are plots around the MC and something is happening in the background that we are not told but teased about. There are over-arching goals and a threat that seemed to be constantly lurking over the MC's head.

Coming onto grammar, this was something that I felt the author could work a bit on, however, the rest of the aspects of the novel completely overwhelm this one criticism. I have no complaints.

If you are still wondering if you should read this novel, then click on the 'Read Now' button now. It's not worth wasting time reading reviews when you could be reading this novel. Why would you want to waste your time such? Go read the novel! :)

Quest is not for sorceress

This story is what I imagine would happen if we were to dive into a child's imagination when he thinks of magic. It has that sense of wonder, that amazement, that sense of mystery, that joy that MAGIC, that simply magic lacks. Its MAGIC.
The MC is all over the place, yet consistent. And the other characters are not just characters that one could just find in other novels. They are part of the MAGIC.
Grammar is wonderful and although there is not much story so far, the plots have started to make appearances and its exciting. Looks great and seems to have a bright future!

Reborn in Another World as a (Colorless) Demon Prince

The very first thing noticeable about this story was the focus on establishing the character's personality within the first few chapters, which are essentially a long prologue rather than individual chapters. 

The next thing that we notice is the plots that are unfolding around the MC. We see a distinct lack of screentime where parents are not even mentioned. Instead, we are given 2 maids who have a lot of power over a prince. And both of them seem to have their own agenda. I.E... plots, plots all around.

The grammar is also on the point and was enjoyable to read. In the end, I would only say, give it a read. 



If you are looking for an MC that is not just another goody two shoes, this is the story that you should be looking for. The MC is a callous, self-serving and someone who always puts himself first. He is like a trader that refuses to sell anything at a loss and any action that he takes, must result in some kind of profit, otherwise bye-bye.

And when I say this, I do not mean those MCs that are edgelords just for the sake of being edgelords but in the end, they will save the world. No, this MC will watch the world burn and even burn it himself if he is paid enough. The MC is very true to himself.

This is in addition to the fact that MC does not think with his lower head! This is fantastic to read! 

Do NOT read it if you want someone who is loved and loved by all. He is not.


You need to edit your initial chapters. Not only is the grammar atrocious, but even the writing style is also unnecessarily convoluted. 

As you requested your reader to read until chapter 3, I did try. But I couldn't. I would recommend that rather than requesting your readers to ignore the mess that is the initial chapters, you rewrite them. That will help with the reader retention ratio.

Wishing you all the best with your novel!