1. Re: Lack of purely monsterous protagonists in fiction. Why could this be?

      A could also just write a monstrous MC that has traits other than just being a monster. The MC being a monster should not be the only interesting thing about them. For example, what if this monster likes (...)

    2. Re: Lack of purely monsterous protagonists in fiction. Why could this be?

      My story is somewhat related to the question as I write an isekai where the MC reincarnated into a monster before losing their humanity to become a true monster. And I still have problems with making my (...)

    3. Re: Most bizarre novel I read on RR so far

      I have read it to its latest chapter and the strong political opinion of the author forms a very small percentage of the story. Mostly in the first chapter and a little sprinkle here and there whenever (...)

    4. Re: Weird Genre Question. Cultivation

      You could make it so that cultivator needs to achieve something with these souls to advance. For instance, a balance between different types of Souls; joy and sorrow, yin and yang kind of thing. Or it (...)

    5. Re: How useful/powerful could this common skill be, in your opinion?

      I don't remember the name of the novel but basically, MC built a world that used an ancient language as words of power to cast magic. And he had a universal translation Skill. Boom. Instant OP.  Where (...)

    6. Re: How to copy Blue Boxes?

      I usually triple click and it works. 

    7. Re: 200k words.


    8. Re: Questions and Answers—> 🐕

      Hmm, this is a fascinating idea. I'll try my hand at it.  The purpose of my book was to write a story that I wanted to read but couldn't find anywhere. The story of a human reincarnated into a monster (...)

    9. Re: Post chapter by chapter VS. Post all at once

      This depends on what is your aim for the story and how much backlog you have. If you want to monetise your fiction on the platform, then posting every day for the first month and then 3/2 chapters per (...)

    10. Re: Shamelessley looking for encouragement

      this would be an absolute joy to read it seems. Can't wait!

    11. Re: I was gonna make a "Woo-hoo 666 views" post, but it blew past that while I was sleeping so uh... Yay, 50 (...)

      Congratulations on getting yourself out of the slouch as well as the achievements. :)

    12. Re: Forgotten or Missing Title

      I read somewhere on the forum that Pirate was thinking of removing the story for a while now. The reason: Too much effort posting plus editing on multiple sites and he already had decent traffic on his (...)

    13. Re: Forgotten or Missing Title

      What! Wandering was removed from here?  Do you know why? 

    14. Re: I know this is a weird place to ask it but I have no other choice.

      You might like the following website: It searches up words according to phrases. Might be helpful in such situations. 

    15. Re: What was everyone's first novel they read on their own?

      It was the Animorphs series, where children changed into various animals and fought off alien, mind-controlling slugs. More than 50 books with varying narrators.  Good times. 

    16. Re: Yikes... should've done this a year ago

      Hello and welcome! Also, better late than never. :)

    17. Re: I lurk enough that I might as well say hi.

      Hello and welcome! You should check out Delve. It is the most number-crunching LitRPG I have come across. Seems to be your kind of story.