escalated too quickly

Mecha, school-life, conspiracy .. lots of potential and was exciting in the beginning, but the age-mismatch just killed the school arc for me - which was cut short anyway. Daedalus and his crew get badass too quickly and the character Daedalus became too much wish-fulfillment to my liking.


For me it started as a 5 stars and went to its current rating, where I dropped somewhere around book 4.

He Who Fights With Monsters

surprised of the rise in bashing on the story

Written as of chapter 89: I am surprised a lot of the first page comments have such a lacklustre rating. This story is really well-written, the humor and conversations are spot on and just generally entertaining. The world is isekai but unique enough. Give it a try, you might like it (and if not drop it without being a cry-baby). In my opinion the success and high rank of the story is well-deserved. 

Release pace is still daily and I cannot see the author keeping this up (as he also should not, because we have seen authors getting burned out here). I am not sure how I feel about the power-levels, but so far the story still feels exciting and we have to see where that leads us.

Sidenote: I see some people hating on a the MC, who is successful in his own right. It is funny to see how the manipulation is considered a higher offence than baseless mayhem of deranged MCs in other stories. For me any manipulations of the MC were done within reasonable bounds. 

Deeper Darker

fun trip - moody's best for me so far :)

quick review up to chapter 58:


style: gave it a whopping 4.5 since it is engaging, humorous and the author portraits the thought-process based on each characters background quite well.

story: The story is clearly character driven. Since each character has a clear motivation for his actions so far, the story deserves a good rating. I just hope it does not go into crazyland with the alien technology in the far future, but so far all good.

grammar: cannot find fault

character: The strong point. Three unique backgrounds. Even though all three characters are portrait with a bit of OP skills in their area, it is still an engaging read.

Overall: Mooderino is a very creative author, both in storytelling and in wit, and you should give it a try. So far it has not disappointed. For me his other stories lacked perspective, since I enjoy to see events play out from different angles and reactions. Here we finally have 3 main characters that tell the tale.

Mother of Learning

A time loop story that does not get old

Already been following this little gem for years at fictionpress and happy to see it finally over here as well

Story is about a guy getting caught up in a time loop and starting to unravel its mysteries and tries to escape it. Character development is well done and grammar is perfect to my non native eyes. All in all a fresh breeze of a story that deserves its place among the upper echelons of webnovels

Shadow Honor (series)

Started to read this story, because it is already over 300 pages with seemingly consistent updates and no rating to indicate its quality. 

Story has a good and engaging start and i really enjoyed it. Characters also felt alive so far. Grammar and descriptions are good and contribute to the immersion. 

Only reason i am dropping this after chapter 4 is that it heavily hints at the romance to be between two men. Nothing against it, but not my cup of tea for the main characters. That is why i give it a 4.5 out of 5 for the first few chapters. So if that is no deterrent such as for me then this looks like a really promising novel

The False Warlock

was encouraged by the two existing reviews to have a look and sure enough don't regret it. Chapter length is decent, grammar and style allow unhindered immersion. The whole world-setting is in an alternate modern age with its own set of rules to allow for the demon interaction. With regards to the characters, they feel alive ... i have seen more interesting ones on RR, but so far (chap 9) it belongs to the upper echelons.


In summary, I would recommend to give this story a shot.

Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan?

review up to chapter 4:


now usually a proper review needs more content, but this is meant an encouragement for the reader as much as it is meant for the author.


grammar and style are good, goes really well with the flow.


of course there is also not much happening storywise yet, but we are already drawn into a world that seems more than it is. No clue right now if there will be supernatural elements, but either way promising. The teacher Dan seems like a cool guy at first impression and we already get to know that there is more to the students (and also him?) that meets the eye while we are getting drawn into the action at Rica’s pace ;D 


the story can go in all directions from here on and curious to see what will happen. Only advice for new readers is to wait for more chapters before starting or else you cringe in suspense about what is going to happen next.


Deleted Story

potential but also mixed feelings

review up to “banks and robbers 6”:


style + grammar:

The style is not humorous but after all the author tries to portray a serious post-apocalyptical setting. The grammar is overall decent, so it does not disrupt the reading flow (at least for me). Feeling conflicted about the detailed description of rape though (more below on MC1). 



Now down to business: the author really has an interesting take on an apocalyptical story. I was sceptical with the merchant-class, but so far it is an interesting asset. The whole world-building is still in its infancy, but already promises a lot of potential, with access to multiple other worlds under the same rules.



Now for me that is the most important thing in a story. We have two main characters, who both have their weaknesses and strong points:

– We have MC 1: The “dark” type, that only strives to achieve his goal, regardless of the means. He happens to like MC2 (to the extent that he wants to manipulate him according to his plans) and only truly cares about his little sister. Now this guy is detached enough that he doesn’t bat an eye in the light of a rape scene or starving people, he only sees ppl with respect to their “worthness” to his plans. 

–  We have MC 2: The potential “white” hero guy with harem fantasies. Now this guy is set up as a future fighter within the world-system, while trying to get his dick into anything with a vagina (so far only in his imagination).


Uff, while it would have been cool to have two MCs that complement each other, MC2 seems just useless so far storywise and his childish behavior feels annoying. Especially since MC1 got some serious fire-power himself as well. I wouldn’t mind that if MC1 on the other hand hadn’t taken the path down to “assholery”, discarding most of his humanity and just being the awesome schemer he thinks he is, who doesn’t really seem to learn from his past failures. So basically he is a disgusting schemer with the fire-power to back it up (if at least he needed ppl so badly to succeed, it might have still been interesting). So my current sentiment right now is:

– author is badass for keeping up such a high release-speed

– storywise it feels like watching your beautiful neighbor chic u had a secret crush on descending into heavy drugs – fascinating but sad. While I could live with MC2 being an annoying side-kick, MC1 shitty behavior and priorities just kills it. 


Kill 10 Rats

(review up to vol 2 ch 11)

This story has a really interesting take on the whole virtual reality genre. The MC is awakening in a new world without having any idea what is going on and how he got there. Then you get a ride along with discovering the world, which the MC has to take serious. Then there is the surprising story-twist from volume 1 to 2, which after all the excitement before feels like a cold shower to the face. However, things just start to pick up from there again and the story becomes even more complex and interesting.


The MC himself is a guy who has to go through his own personal trials, but is overall a likeable guy who tries to make smart choices with the information available to him. The side-characters are also interesting and spice up the story in their own way.


All in all, a cool original story with the grammar and writing style to back it up.

The Merge

Enjoyable character development

(review up to ch 19)

really enjoying your story and unique world-setting you have created. Good fusion of elements from a post-apocalyptic setting and fantasy world. Also there is also a touch of mystery swinging, because as a reader you are wondering what the rules and background of this particular world are. 


In the beginning the main character is a recluse and you are picturing that pretty well. However, you are doing a good job of letting him shine more and more. You do a good job of letting him find his humanity in a an inhuman environment.  Looking forward to letting him become more and more likable in the future. 



This is an enjoyable story with great story-telling and nice grammar. For all new readers, give it a try for a few chapters and you might become intrigued as well where this journey goes