1. Re: Growing pains

      Addressing the taste question, it may very well be a taste issue. That's why it helps to get feedback from many different sources. From there, you can see if there are any trends, and make changes accordingly. (...)

    2. Re: Should RR allow comments on reviews?

      So, like many here, I don't think ability to comment would add a lot to the discourse. If there's a legitimately unfair review that's based in nothing logical, the author can try and get it removed. Otherwise, (...)

    3. Re: Do you have an ending in mind when you start writing a book.

      I usually have a story form for a series of tentpole moments of an arc. Sometimes these are character arcs and sometimes they are plot points. I usually have an idea of how the climax will turn out, but (...)

    4. Re: What Kind of Music Do You Write To?

      Anime soundtracks a lot of time or lo-fi remixes. Right now, I cycle through the Blue Exorcist, Last Exile, and My Hero Academia Soundtracks. Oh, and throw in some Zack Snyder's Justice League soundtrack (...)

    5. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story

      YA epic fantasy City of Mages. Book is finished but currently serializing with a new chapter every weekday until complete. Link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/49475/city-of-mages Synopsis: Born (...)

    6. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      damn it was real hard to get to the bottom of this page! My book/series has LGBTQ characters. The main protagonist of the series, and several heavily featured characters are all LGBTQ. Im Bi myself (...)

    7. Re: Is there any way to post story related content that isn't chapters?

      Hello! I am currently writing something that I'd like to eventually post here, but I had a few questions. Namely, is there a way to share story related content that isn't the actual story? What I (...)

    8. Re: Animated Life Bar in number heavy Litrpg

      I mean, regardless of the potential misalignment of readers seeing it too soon, I love the idea and would love to see this in a story!

    9. Re: LGBTQIA+ Stories on Royal Road

      My new story, City of Mages, is a South American-inspired epic fantasy features a main character in a lesbian relationship. It's not a huge focus, but it's clearly present and prevalent throughout the (...)

    10. Re: Animated Life Bar in number heavy Litrpg

      I do mean an increase and decrease of the bar on page. The idea would be to show the interaction between damage the mc takes and his recovery from various sources. That's a very cool idea. So, for (...)

    11. Re: Are prologues bad? Do readers feel misled?

      I don't know if prologues are "misleading," but it does seem like folks online just want to get into the meat of the story as quickly as possible. The structure of LitRPG really shows the hunger audiences (...)

    12. Re: Animated Life Bar in number heavy Litrpg

      Quick question. When you say animated, do you essentially just mean an image, or are you actually showing an increase or decrease of the bar on page?