1. Death’s Day Dream! It’s like dying, but the cool way.

      Death’s Day Dream is a isekai progression story centered around the idea of, what in fact would happen, if a Lich managed to avoid losing his ego after death and retaining it into his next life.  How (...)

    2. Starting new chapters before completing old ones

      It's gonna sound strange but since finishing the initial outline of my story on RR, I've started creating a few paragraphs worth of the next chapter before I complete the previous. I like it because it (...)

    3. Re: How long did it take for your novel to take off?

      By my estimates you have to reach some kind of "margin."  A mixture of consistency, views, words and follows if I had to guess. Once you break that margin you reach RS. The trick then is having staying (...)

    4. Re: 10 followers

      Nah dude not small at all! Another step down the road. Congrats lad! :DrakanWine:

    5. Re: How would the IRS handle adventurers?

      They'd use ranks as a perfect excuse for tax brackets lmao.

    6. Re: Promote your story by sharing your favorite quote that one of your characters has said

      "You both either need to get me a bigger, much more soundproof room, or so having such vigorous sex. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy you guys love each other, but I'm not sharing my room with a baby just (...)

    7. Re: 200 pages in under a month, speedrun let's go~

      I have accepted this challenge even though it wasn't one in stride and will now proceed to beat my head against my keyboard vigirously for hours straight until I surpass you. 

    8. Re: Why must there be A/THE "Chosen one"

      So the Mc can overshadow them, justifying every stupidly overpowered or nonsenical thing they do, subverting the most common trope and making for a satisfying read. Most books I've read where the Mc is (...)

    9. Re: Delete story?

      I had a thirty-five chapter 75k plus word story that I deleted outta existence after I realised I didn't like it. Spent many hours detailing the entire plot, world and characters than just wasn't happy (...)

    10. Re: 13 Days on Amazon with my first novel ever

      I'm aware most people are pretty much just congratulating you but that seriously is really awesome to hear. Got a couple of thousands words outta my lazy ass so thanks a bunch. 

    11. Re: Regarding my novel Escaping the Abyss

      I saw the problem with the chapter character limit and was wondering if you considered added it to the author's note on your lastest chapter. Anyone who's a actively reading fan or will eventually catch (...)

    12. Re: Want A Review?

      Heyo. Not sure If you're still offering reviews but I'd love if you gave mine a shout.  It's only eight chapters in, ten of later tonight, and I haven't had time for much to happen but I feel you can (...)

    13. Grim Spire: A Progression Fantasy decent into the Deep

      Want mystic awakenings? A corrupt Democratic Monarchy? A world that worships a Monolithic tower as their one true god? Grim Spire might be for you! The world is open, broad and filled to the brim with (...)

    14. Re: Hello, new author here. I'm actually looking for some things to review! maybe yours!? Free reviewer at you(...)

      I offer my story up as tribute! It won't be the best thing you read here, not by a longshot, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! Also, welcome!  PS. Story is in signature Just left the first of... (...)

    15. Hello, new author here. I'm actually looking for some things to review! maybe yours!? Free reviewer at your s (...)

      Yeah so it's as the provocative title suggests, I want some stories to review. Not looking for anything in return. I find I learn a lot from reading and it helps my own writing, so I'm basically asking (...)

    16. Newish Author throwing his stuff in the ring!

      Hello!  I'm Zagern, a particularly fantasy obsessed reviewing and gluttonous consumer of all things fantasy on this here website. Dark, light, low or high. Lovecraftian or folktale I love it all and (...)

    17. Re: Trying to come up with a fictional swear word

      "By Natures wrath, this was a horrid idea."  Something like that?  Most of the religious "Oh shit's" in my current world-building project start with "By insert whatever they praise."  "Spare to (...)

    18. Re: Anyone want a random cover? I don't have a story to go with them but if any fits yours you can have it.

      I have something dead on to 053 but I'm still preping it for release and it won't be out until the Writathon is well and truly done. Still wonderful jobs and a thumbs up for the generosity

    19. Re: How dark is too dark for you. (story-wise)

      I'm one of those people that doesn't really have a turn off point when it comes to "Dark" in a story. What turns me off is when it's done for effect, not to reinforce the narrative. Excessive rape is one (...)

    20. Re: Do writers sabotage each other here?

      Sabotage? I think that'd just be stupid.  The sheer amount of people on this site would render that irrelevant unless the person has some kind of vendetta against you. Bringing down someone else's (...)