1. Re: Promote Your Story - First Sentences

      Raising his large feathered head from his small feast, he gave out a soft chirp. His bright orange eyes were alert and intense. A soft wind blew in from the north west and with it the smell of burnt pine (...)

    2. Re: Promote your story through your setting.

      i have always liked the idea of great birds of prey. they set the scene of regal freedom. dragons are that of chaotic freedom. the two seem to war at all times. one careful to take what they only need (...)

    3. Rise of the ash made it past 100 veiws

      So nice it its getting read as I add chapters.  Everyone else you need to keep going! 

    4. request a simple cover

      so um i got one story that could use a simple cover. "Rise of the ash" if your a fan of giant eagles and dragons this might be fun for you. However i'm not actually looking for a full scene. dm me if interested (...)

    5. Re: What do you find to be the better anti-hero

      ok ok. i really appreciate the character of samuel .l glockter. now their is a magnificent bastard that is not afraid to be a son of a b$%^.  his play up and the open \es of weakness is played so poetically (...)

    6. Re: armor depiction (actually making some what well.)

      …and then there’s plot armor, the one that overrules them all  :DrakanFascinating: Lol I knew someone would say this. Sending rep your way!

    7. Re: armor depiction (actually making some what well.)

      To make this educational.  What are some writing happens that help you remember.  That the Armour obstacle must be over come. Besides using a magical item.

    8. armor depiction (actually making some what well.)

      i realize not many may actually study the history or even geometry of armor. and really that only 30 percent of the problem however i am reading alot of fiction these days that in some form or fashion (...)

    9. Re: How many ongoing writing projects do you have ?

      On here? Two. In actually terms? About 5k and climbing. On a serious note. I have four stories to flesh out. Uggh.

    10. Re: A First Milestone - 500 views!

      a win is a win. good job keep going your going to be a great author.

    11. Re: What makes you dislike the MC?

      i struggle with an mc that even when they are facing a dire situation and all they must do is act. the act is usually very simple and they have been there multiple times at this point. they don't honestly (...)

    12. Re: What happened to tragidies and characters deaths.

      not all death ends in tragedy. from death comes rebirth. thinking on death in multiple layers creates the elevator of growth to help plots become intwined. thinking on your villain first for instance creating (...)

    13. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      the worst premise for me is to write a story that does nothing but prove humanity is stupid, vicious , cruel ,greedy and above all mortal. i spend my whole life story with that knowledge. only George r (...)

    14. Re: How many pages should a chapter contain?

      may not help much but my approachh is to write the story. worry about chapters after the fact. i need to edit after finishing the story anyway.

    15. Re: hello all. imagination and writing lead to logic. (i hope.)

      thank you all i guess i need a good cover . lol take care

    16. hello all. imagination and writing lead to logic. (i hope.)

      i am accused as aa great story teller. not a great writer. my imagination haas run away with me since birth. i don't really do fan fiction but my favorite stories and music are often some of my greatest (...)

    17. Re: Well met!

      welcome budd i look forward to reading you stories.