1. Re: Show us your paid ads

      I did this one for 330k impressions, got  1,436 clicks (-.44% CTR). I purposefully paused it during week days and restarted it Fridays-Mondays, since that was around the time I would release. (...)

    2. Re: Browse Advertisements

      It might be nice as a wayt to see a few story ads now that they no longer show up for me :DrakanLaugh: Not to out myself here, but like how Tumblr implemented ad-free browsing, realized their userbase (...)

    3. Re: Completely random topic but who remembers the days of paying 3 dollars for a 20-second ring tone?

      I was the kid that played the same 20 seconds of a song over and over again to record it with my phone. I learned more about the phone's sound software than I needed to avoid paying for a ringtone. (...)

    4. Re: Have any other authors dreamt about writing their current story?

      A lot, actually. So often that sometimes I go to write a scene and see that it's already done because I just assumed I didn't actually write it. Can't be upset that a scene you dreamt isn't there if (...)

    5. Re: The hardest onomatopoeia you have to use

      I only do it if it's sharp sounds to emphasize speed and a feeling of staccato, so it's simple there. In everyday communication, I think the Zoidburg from Futurama sound has changed with every spelling (...)

    6. Re: Need some romance novel recommendations

      Steadfast & Fervid  in my sig is more drama than romance, an emphasis on the slow burning :)

    7. Re: Promote your story by telling me what's unique to it

      Almost every promise made in the first book is either broken or twisted on its head for the rest of the series. It's not an unreliable narrator, rather just a take on perspective.

    8. Re: Personal take on forum behavior & problems with ratings

      I've always been a little curious as to why ratings and reviews were treated in the same metric. They seem too different to affect the same stats. I'd be curious to see how a story's overall rating would (...)

    9. Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite side plot

      There's a blooming and tumultuous romance between two side characters in Parvenu that Kayin hardly notices, ever, but anyone with above average intelligence can watch its growth ☺️ Kayin doesn't get (...)

    10. Re: Any Kingdom Hearts Fans

      Yeah, the name of that game sounds familiar to me... *Picture courtesy of my husband, the resident (...)

    11. Re: How to create a donation link?

      You need to link your PayPal donation page, not your email. It will look like a URL: "" You can get the link from PayPal. Once you log in, click the gear for (...)

    12. Re: There is no escape. My husband woke me up in the middle of the night last night to Rickroll me. Why is this the theme of the day?

    13. Re: I want to review/rate your stuff (~50 followers and below)

      If you posted this a week ago, I would have qualified with Parvenu XD (Ads FTW?) Alas, I think it's wonderful you're doing this! Maybe when you get through a hefty list, you'll come back and let us (...)

    14. Re: The Unpopular Views

      Oatmeal chocolate chips supremacy.    You're right and you are so brave for saying so.

    15. Re: How many MCs would it take for your MC to realize that they were no longer the MC but just another MC's MC(...)

      Kayin spends some of his life rejecting MC-ness, finds a point where he technically gives it away, and finds another point when he wants to be the MC. He kind of explores all aspects of this with his experimentation (...)

    16. Re: What is your MC’s mother’s maiden name.

      You trying to get into my MC's bank account...? Shhhh! You're not suppose to reveal the plan. Gimme a cut of your profits and I'll consider deleting my previous post >_> Edit Guess I'll actually (...)

    17. Re: What is your MC’s mother’s maiden name.

      You trying to get into my MC's bank account...?

    18. Re: What are the most common first names in fantasy, do you think?

      Regular Anglo-Saxon names with spelling variations, really. John/Jon especially...changing the "I"s to "y"s in general. 

    19. Re: My experience with Royal Road advertising

      I just finished an ad campaign for 330k views, and spread it throughout a few weekends (started it on sometime Friday, paused it Sundays). Gained about 50 follows, 10 favorites, and a couple ratings (no (...)

    20. Re: Woot! First 0.5 Rating!

      Spite: the great motivator!  In any case, congratulations on your rankings, even though they might not be what you hope for at the moment. It's still a great testament to all the work you're doing. (...)