1. Re: What makes a good villain?

    2. Re: How do you guys back up your work?

      ^ Likewise, when I was a kid and wrote my first novella, I only had it saved on my family computer. The computer crashed in the worst way, and I lost a great chunk of it because I hadn't backed it up in (...)

    3. Re: Celebrating My 1st Patreon Supporter Ever

      Congratulations! That's a massive accomplishment :)

    4. Re: I can finally be a set of planks

      Well, wood you look at that!

    5. Re: What is the most important part of a book

      The writer :) Other than that... The message, for me. It can be beautifully written, but if it doesn't try to say anything, it fails in my eyes

    6. Re: The Ultimate Guide to RoyalRoad Success

      At least it's not the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. We would all perish at the hands of Mr. Rogers.

    7. Publishing Audiobook Format

      Hi, I've seen people on here talk a little bit about how they've made their stories audiobooks, and that's really piqued my interest. I've got all the equipment because I participate in a podcast like (...)

    8. The OST of your story

      Do you have an OST in your head while you're writing? Regardless of tune, do you hear specific instruments or motifs?  Does your story soundtrack sound like a mixture of two different soundtracks you (...)

    9. Re: Full time workers. When do you find the time to write? What's your schedule?

      I used to write more at work. Now I'm just not able to do it because of meetings. (More projects, more meetings. BAH!) I work from home now, though, so I do have more time to shuffle my schedule a bit. (...)

    10. Re: Which is better, curly noodles or straight noodles?

      Not gunna lie, seeing the title of this debate sparked a strong reaction in me I didn't know existed. I'm surprised at how viscarally I feel my body tell "curly!" when I read the prompt. Curly holds (...)

    11. Re: Notorious literature: could you do the same?

      You assume everyone here has happiness and pride to throw out in the first place ;) Jumping away from that depressing note, I'm unfortunately driven by my illogical gut and what "feels" right to me. (...)

    12. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hi, hello! I'd love your thoughts on the description for Parvenu and Steadfast & Fervid when you have time :)

    13. Re: What's the story of your name?

      My parents gave me a name but are also lazy, so it got shortened. In second grade I learned that "Aly" was a nickname, very publicly, after arguing with my teacher, "I THINK I KNOW WHAT MY OWN NAME IS!" (...)

    14. Re: Famous Quotes

      The only time there's a problem with using a (even attributed( quote is if you make money off of it.  If you end up making money from your publication, THAT'S when things get hairy and you might need (...)

    15. What meme has done irreparable damage to your imagination?

      No matter how serious the scene, in all instances of sneaking, I hear the Pink Panther theme in my head. Movies, books, D&D, real life. I'm haunted by it. Similarly, any time I feel a particularly strong (...)

    16. Re: Advice on Introducing Lore?

      Lore is a part of setting and worldbuilding. The more you keep them connected, the easier it is to handle.  In a practical example, you'll note that American money has "in god we trust" on it. This (...)

    17. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      M'good sir, it kind of feels like you're just trying to read every story that's on RR at which case that's pretty awesome. Pouring one out for the mighty duck that's been regularly reviewing for (...)

    18. Re: Ask Me Anything.

      Please compare and contrast a raven to a writing desk.

    19. Re: Lesser known/More Unique FPS games for PC, preferably single player

      I don't know how well-known it is, but Prey is a pretty good sci-fi FPS. I actually accidentally stopped playing it because I scared myself by playing it alone in my house in the wee hours of the morning (...)