1. Re: The Otherwordly Tattoos of a Titan

      That's some splendid artwork and an interesting piece of trivia!

    2. Re: My first 0.5 star rating!

      I have decided to try to take joy in the challenge of resistance.  Now, I get extremely aroused whenever I receive a bad review, a harsh comment or a 0.5 star.  In all seriousness, congratulations. (...)

    3. Re: Health

      I'm pretty low at the moment, if I'm being honest. The worst in years, by far. Nothing seems to help and for several days, I saw no end to this.  Today is a good day. I managed to get out of the bed (...)

    4. Re: Got onto Rising Stars! Two minutes later... got hit by a bad rating.

      Thanks for the encouragement!  Yup, I am lucky to have so many readers who enjoy my story, and I can just feel the pressure mounting.  Oh well, time to see whether I enjoy being on Rising Stars.  Although, (...)

    5. Re: Got onto Rising Stars! Two minutes later... got hit by a bad rating.

      Congratulations! You did well on getting there! I'm hoping you'll find many readers, but I've gotta say... being on Rising Stars put a lot of pressure on me when I was there and I'm glad I'm out.  Best (...)

    6. Re: Writing about things that don't or can't exist

      An interesting question! I suppose it would be wholly dependent pn who's observing it. If it's truly alien, I suppose the different characters would see different things, as we always sort impressions (...)

    7. Re: Looking to assist a writer

      I have the skills necessary  Have fun, do not think about what the rest thinks. This. Just have fun, my friend. Type to your heart's content. 

    8. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      How about it, duck? You wanna get necro'd? 

    9. Re: Milk's Free Recommendations - Protagonist: The Whims of Gods

      Today's recommendation is Protagonist: The Whims of Gods. Being on top of the rising stars, it requires no recommendation from this fledgling thread  :DrakanLaugh: But I have run out of advanced reviews (...)

    10. Re: Recieved my first bottom star rating... Yay?

      Smile the pain away, my brother It doesn't hurt at all  :DrakanLaugh:

    11. Re: The effect of Author culture on Story MCs

      Since I'm a piece of shit, so is my MC. 

    12. Re: Recived a star rating without knowing who reviewed me???

      I've had this for maybe a week. I got some views on my story that I posted and I got a 3 star rating but I don't know who gave me that review nor do I know why 3 stars? Luckily, someone else came in (...)

    13. Re: Let's talk about sex scenes

      Love writing, love reading.  But quality is important there, more than anywhere else, imo. Something beautiful can easily turn ugly and disgusting if the execution is bad, so it's gotta be the right (...)

    14. Re: I made it to the Rising Stars!

      Congratulations!  Making the list is a fantastic motivator, and I think you should take that as a testament to your skill and dedication to the craft. From my own experience, you will get another kind (...)

    15. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story

      You either absolutely despise it or you like it.  I have a feeling its about 50/50.  I've got a few, trusted readers I update for. The rest aren't really that interested. 

    16. Re: The Elf Question.

      I'd like to see elves being something other than 'pure and noble'. They're always depicted a certain way, but it'd be fun to see the darker side of them (not the dark elves etc.) I can only speak for (...)

    17. Re: Revenge or forgiveness

      The journey in between is the most exciting. I think most people would consider both options and sway back and forth a bit.  That's the fun, seeing how your preference and your goals change with the motivating (...)

    18. Re: Demanding/Enthusiastic Readers Pestering/Inquiring for New Chapters

      Hell, when people write something like this on my chapters, I'd get the next chapter done early and put it out there. Like someone's having fun reading my stuff and they're commenting? I'm more than (...)

    19. Re: Schizophrenic Writing. You Too?

      Oh, I'm surprised to see you feel that way, as I've read some of your stuff (particularly Pieces of Me).  I found it very emotionally provoking. E.g. your chapter called "Granny, I failed you", which (...)

    20. Re: Do you have an ending in mind when you start writing a book.

      I do.  The start and the end is usually clear, but the problem is all the in-between, but that's part of the fun, right?