1. Re: 1k views!!!

      <3 (...)

    2. 1k views!!!

      Wow, I did NOT expect that to happen as quickly as it did--though I guess it's a consequence of updating as often as I do, haha! Thank you, lovely folks of Royal Road. I tried Tapas for AGES, and in a (...)

    3. Re: How many ongoing writing projects do you have ?

      Hoo, let's see:  - Freakspotters, the webnovel I'm publishing here.  - The Whispering Ice, a webnovel I'm publishing on another platform.  - A novel I won't name that I hope to traditionally publish. (...)

    4. Re: Names.

      My RR webnovel is fun, because I just went based off vibes... and vibes alone. After all, it takes place in the modern PNW, and there's no reason anyone would have any fancy names, really. The fantastical (...)

    5. Re: Ahh! 100 Views!

      Thanks, y'all! It's really amazing that that's happened in just a couple weeks, haha. 

    6. Re: Quirky, Campy, Supernatural, and Sapphic: Freakspotters!

      Oh yeah, it aalso just surpassed 100 views! Yahoo! >:D 

    7. Re: 🎵 sell your story, but make it rhyme 🎵

      Camilla Wilde,  Strange as a child,  Hopes to never grow up.  It's her second year of college,  but her studies haven't budged.  Instead of fixing this dilemma,  She starts a campus club.  Freakspotters (...)

    8. Ahh! 100 Views!

      The achiemevent surprised me, more than anything else. I don't have a lot of chapters up yet, so it's a shock! And I was really worried my webnovel wouldn't be liked by folks here--but seemingly I was (...)

    9. Quirky, Campy, Supernatural, and Sapphic: Freakspotters!

      If literally any of those words sound up your alley: boy, do I have the series for you.  FREAKSPOTTERS is about Camilla Wilde, a college student with no major who'd rather spend her time watching old (...)

    10. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

      Camilla Wilde is in her second year of university, and still doesn't have a major declared. Instead, she spends much of her time researching alien abductions and fantasizing about the world's strangeness. (...)

    11. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      I'll make a bet: I've got the only nonbinary lesbian autistic changeling protagonist on Royal Roads.  ... And if I'm wrong, and you've got one of those, hey, let's be friends. I'm new to RR, got (...)

    12. Woo!! First Follower!!!

      I wasn't expecting one so soon, especially with only two chapters published, but I did it! I got my first follower on my quirky little webnovel!  I was worried it wasn't gonna appeal to anyone (it's (...)

    13. Re: Promote Your Niche Fiction

      Howdy!  It's linked in my signature, and I think FREAKSPOTTERS is pretty niche. I'll bet that I have the only autistic, nonbinary, lesbian changeling protagonist on the site. (And if I'm wrong and (...)

    14. Re: A Queer Little Tapas Transfer Takes The Stage!

      Welcome! I recently transferred form Wattpad. I think RR's features will impress you. Tapas is probably the only big site I haven't tried. What's it like and how do you find it? Howdy! I was actually (...)

    15. Re: A Queer Little Tapas Transfer Takes The Stage!

      Hello, welcome, and good luck with your story! Anything sapphic gets my approval. Haha, thank you! Same here, though as a sapphic person, I may be biased haha. 

    16. Re: A Queer Little Tapas Transfer Takes The Stage!

      Welcome to Royal Road. I think you'll find this a good place to share your work. In the Recommendations section of the Forums there a thread for LBGTQIA+ works you might find of interest https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/108535 (...)

    17. Re: A Queer Little Tapas Transfer Takes The Stage!

      Welcome to Royal Road! It is nice to see another memeber join our community Here's a little poem to help you along the way If you be in mind for some fun check out the games forum; And if your (...)

    18. A Queer Little Tapas Transfer Takes The Stage!

      Howdy, howdy! My name's Faye! I've published my webnovel on Tapas up until this point, but I was told to give Royal Roads a try, too. If you like queer supernatural shenanigans, check it out here!  (...)

    19. Re: The Extremely Comprehensive List of Yuri Web Novels

      Howdy! My webnovel's cast is pretty much exclusively gay girls being gay with each other, so if that's up your alley...  https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/49012/freakspotters  It's about a college (...)

    20. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Hi, all! I'm new here, but I've recently started uploading my webnovel, FREAKSPOTTERS, to Royal Road! ^_^ It's got pretty much an all-queer cast, so if you wanna read about gay girls confronting the supernatural, (...)