Azarinth Healer

One of my longest standing favorites. It has its ups and downs, slower and faster paced sections, but overall one of my favorite stories.

I can't say how easy it is to get into it, after all the baseline of stories has thankfully risen over the years, but if you quality and quantity this is the story to pick.


My Pick Up Artist System
An absolute cringe fest, including inceldom high school bullies and system messages. 
But the dialogue are good and the characters entertaining.
Of course they are a little cliché, but that doesn't matter in a story such as this.

As always humor is subjective, but I had my fun with this story.

We will see if the premise can carry on after our MC has his first success. But I am hopeful.

*Edit: no idea where those spoiler bars come from

Rebirth in a Magical World

Good idea, implementation questionable.

Good points: 

-new ideas and expanded wizarding world.

-own story line, no canon rehash.


Negative points:

- everybody sounds the same.(dialogues are not engaging)

-children talk like adults.

-much tell, little show.

-reuses fanfiction tropes in a bad way (all providing room of requirements, hurr Durr can't change the timeline, crazy wizarding parents)


This story is better than many others here. But as fanfiction a lot of the heavy lifting has been done for the author so I will be a little harsher with the stars.


Great world, but the numbers don't work out.

Many great ideas and wonderful world building. 

Characters are not numerous but all rememberable individuals with reasons for their actions.

Dialogues are fun to read.


My biggest gripe with the story is the litrpg system and the scaling.

Power levels, leveling speed and biomass consumption seem to vary wildly in the course of the story, as it is convenient for the author.

This is of course a general problem of the genre but is very pronounced in this story.


Nevertheless I had fun with the story and will continue to read.(chapter 575 as I write this review)

The Gilded Hero

Usual premise with an unusual execution. Paired with excellent writing and an interesting world this is the dark reflection of the summoned to another world template.

Only negative is the slow progress, but as I don't pay anything I can't complain. 

A Demon's Tail

Good shit instantly hooked again. very interested in the infernal planes.

A Journey of Black and Red

Good story with great moments. It had me laugh out loud multiple times while reading. 

Also not litrpg story on royal road. That is an achievement by itself 

He Who Fights With Monsters

Great lead character with funny commentary on the going ons. 

Grat magic system that doesn't trivialize personal skill. 

One of the best stories here. 

Shipshape (Now writing book 2)

Interesting magic system as a hook. The writing is good but not excellent. Characters OK so far but a little flat but we've got some time to deepen them so I am not too concerned at chapter 14.

Lacks a little conflict everything went a little too smooth to this point, but it looks promising. 


4.5/5 lacks the special something for the last .5

Magical Adventure

Cliché charged badly written whish fulfillment.

Badly written si fanfic. Dropped at chapter seven. 

No character development in any sense. 

Generic reasons for overpowered mc. 

Every possible cliché of hp Fandom.

There are countless logic holes.

It is possible it becomes better later on but for me that's not enough to slog through the story. 


I hope you don't feel discouraged from writing in general but you fell in so much Fandom traps it's not even funny.