C. Ron Ickler

C. Ron Ickler

    1. Re: Free Reviews, Recommendations and Patronage

      Might I offer Skyrates?! for your humble consideration? :PeoReading:

    2. Re: Has anyone run an ad campaign here on Royal Road?

      I have recently! I decided to do it on a bit of a whim after I noticed I was clicking other folks’ ads and was unhappy with the amount of growth per chapter I was getting. To put it in perspective, (...)

    3. How to Order Releases for Prequel?

      Hi everyone, My 'main' fiction's first volume/book/etc is nearing completion. I then want to release three volumes detailing the lives of the different main characters from the first book before the (...)

    4. Re: Magic Novels but no transmigration/reincarnation/gamelit

      I can recommend Bokhi's Stormcrow Cycle, esp. if you like romance. Second to this, excellent characterization in the stormcrow cycle, some of the best I’ve read on RR. My fantasy story, which (...)

    5. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest

      https://www.royalroadcdn.com/public/covers-full/don-keyes-master-cultivator-of-the-mundane-kingdom.jpg?time=1641250042 My entry got approved early this morning! It is, for better or worse, my foray (...)

    6. Re: Magic Novels but no transmigration/reincarnation/gamelit

      For a lighthearted fantasy world with loads of magic and none of those tropes, check out Skyrates (adventure/comedy/fantasy/satire). If you are looking for something more serious, I recently reviewed (...)

    7. Re: Title and Blurb Revisal?

      I think your blurb does a good job of showing that it'll be a funny fantasy, and "Skyrates?!" seems like a title that doesn't take itself seriously. I can think of two suggestions, but take them with (...)

    8. Title and Blurb Revisal?

      Hey folks. I've been thinking about my ongoing fiction Skyrates?! lately and am considering revising its title and blurb, as much as I love them both, as I'm unsure whether potential readers are getting (...)

    9. Re: Does anyone else dislike prequels.

      I think prequels are, by and large, abysmal. Instead of keeping the ball rolling, you're picking it up, carrying it back up the mountain you just kicked it off of, and putting it up on a higher, more boring (...)

    10. Re: How often do you feel frustrated or demotivated?

      On the positive side, I have a very significant chunk of a very long and easy to add on to story written, revised, and ready to go. It is a story I feel very strongly about, am very proud of, and could (...)

    11. Re: Over a thousand views

      Congratz?! on the views! Here's to many more adventurers in the skies.  :DrakanWine: Congratulations!  :peoapproval: Here's to a thousand more views and many more great achievements. Cheers! (...)

    12. Re: Over a thousand views

      Congratulations on your success. May it get even better. That's wonderful! I'm glad you're having a good time here and that your story is doing well, it deserves to!  Thank you both for your (...)

    13. Over a thousand views

      Well, I’m absolutely thrilled with the amount of attention my story has gotten since I joined RR. Sure, it hasn’t been the most or the least compared to others, but what it has been is something, and before (...)

    14. Re: How dark is too dark for you. (story-wise)

      Classic horror, gore, etc don’t really bug me. But what does, or at least what has in the past, is kind of determinate of something particular to me. For example, when I read ‘The World According To (...)

    15. Re: Has this ever happened to you?

      On a side note, I used to lose track of time and have a massive word count, but since I now check my word count after twenty minutes of writing, I don't do that anymore... This is generally me. (...)

    16. Re: How Do You Complete Your First Story?

      For me it goes with what others have said that consistency/having a routine has really helped me get through tough writing spots.  That said, mindset is just as if not more important to me. If I miss (...)

    17. Re: Do you publish your web novel on sites other than Royalroad? Should one do that?

      Scribble Hub and Tapas are your best bet, but even then the viewers will be low compared to RR.  You'll have to ask for reads/exchanges on the tapas forum since they don't do much for smaller/newer (...)

    18. Re: Will give review for free

      If you're still adding to the list I'd be thrilled for you to give Skyrates?! a try when possible, it's about sky pirates kidnapping a donkey. Thank you!!

    19. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Hi, everybody! I was waiting to post here until I had some more chapters up, and now that I do, I wanted to go ahead and submit my story Skyrates?!, which deals with gender role non-conformity and stereotypes (...)

    20. Re: Retain Italics Formatting While Posting?

      If just copy/pasting it doesn't work, try enabling clean paste (at the bottom of the page by the poll options and stuff). Thanks for your help! I ended up getting it to work through that, though (...)