1. Re: How to earn without getting donations in my fiction?

      You can set up a Patreon, or work to publish your fiction.

    2. Re: Long term hiatus or dead novels

      There's an active only ranking list.

    3. Re: Why on earth doesn't the "Follow" button notify of updates automatically?

      Site notifications for bookmarks are a Premium-only feature, if I recall correctly, so it'd be fairly hard to put it as an automatic option. The only notification option that regular users get are email (...)

    4. Re: Threads for Stories

      There was never such an option. All fictions used to be threads, which was removed a long time ago. You can use chapters to serve the same purpose, as they can be reordered at will.

    5. Re: 'Pages' on Royal Road

      They do it in pages instead of word count like sane people. It's obnoxious because as soon as I want to compare book/serial lengths I have to break out a calculator If you tell me what site uses word (...)

    6. Re: 'Pages' on Royal Road I mean, the description is on EVERY fiction page.

    7. Re: Any time a book is deleted that a person was reading, following, read later, etc a notification would say so...

      This would probably just read to readers harassing the author because of it. Our audience is young and extremely attached to the stories they read. What they perceive as helpful and normal most authors (...)

    8. Re: 'Pages' on Royal Road

      From the FAQ: How many words make up a page: A page is equal to 275 written words, an amount comparable to published paperback books (where it varies between 250 and 300 words per page).  A page is (...)

    9. Re: i want to delete one of my novels

      FAQ > Fictions > How can I delete my fiction "You can open a support ticket, detailing which fiction you want to remove, and a member of our staff will delete it per your request."

    10. Re: Adding images in fiction post

      The image must be hosted online ie. imgur or the like. Then you copy the image's link in the field for it when you press Insert Image.

    11. Re: Only list chapters I have not read.

      I think the site can only track the latest chapter you visited, and the Start Reading button on the fiction page diverts to that one once you've opened the fiction. I'm pretty certain tracking a complete (...)

    12. Re: What do I have to do to delete an entire story of mine?

      Open a support ticket requesting fiction deletion and note the name of the fiction you want removed.

    13. Re: What do you find annoying in books

      I don't like the "~Haaa"s and the like, or using onomatopeia as a separate sentence, like *Crash* This doesn't really happen in books but rather in web novels or RR fiction, but I'm going to assume (...)

    14. Re: How much explicit?

      There isn't a limit to explicit scenes, so long as you tag your fiction with the mature content warnings and don't break any of the mature rules, such as depiction of paedophilia, bestiality, and the like. (...)

    15. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      Hi, people. Contestant reporting for duty. Stream Hero - a LitRPG-ish story about a man with no plan.

    16. Re: How is the 'Trending fictions' list determined?

      There's a formula that sorts fictions by the number of stars (ratings + reviews) the fiction received in the past 30 days. It's only known by the system admin. Essentially, it tracks your growth throughout (...)

    17. Re: Am I being petty over books that dont name their chapters

      When people have shorter chapters, but a lot of them, it gets quite hard to get a name for every one. Take mooderino's Bitter for example — 600 chapters' worth of story. That's a lot of naming to go through.

    18. Re: Proofreading experience?

      The main issue with the thread that existed previously was the lack of feedback from either sides. There was no effective communication channel between how much of work has actually been done with it. (...)

    19. Re: I can't add new chapter is that because of the server or some problem at my end

      This is usually due to a javascript blocker on your browser. If disabling them doesn't resolve the issue, open a support ticket (

    20. Re: A system for helping authors edit their stories:

      Inline commenting was already noted to be extremely difficult (or impossible) to achieve on a budget RR has. On another note, I as an author wouldn't trust free crowdsourced editing to get me anywhere (...)