Chaos Jester

Chaos Jester

    1. Re: British English v US English

      I consume a lot of British media and edit UK written books a lot, so it took me a minute to find the problem  :DrakanLaugh:

    2. Re: Is my novel a commercial failure?

      Dropping a story because it wasn't successful enough won't endear you to the readers who like this one. Just keep that in mind

    3. Re: Can you be manually removed from Rising Stars?

      i mean... kana could maybe do it if he wanted to. Ask yourself if he would bother tho. For the lulz

    4. Re: What's a unique main base location for a zombie story?

      Restaurant 2 minutes after you just broke up with someone

    5. Re: Wanted: Judges

      Almost June. When will a theme be chosen and submissions up?

    6. Re: Time to quit?

      When I'm done with it. Stuff happens

    7. Re: Change in displayed rank?

      Since now, when you look, you’ll feel like you aren’t making progress. The very mindset that ranking is some kind of progression is part of the problem this change was made to fix. People are *way* (...)

    8. Re: Change in displayed rank?

      Site popular for number progression: gets rid of number progression

    9. Re: Super Hero Time Loop Story

      If I may recommend a similar story: VINES by MadSadie. The superhero team VINES is killed when a bomb destroys their headquarters. One of the team members has the power to repeat any day if he gets (...)

    10. Re: Random question

      Remember to sing the eel to sleep using an acrostic based on the name you gave it. The name MUST include 3 of the same letter, and then only one of every other letter.

    11. Re: Positive Discussion about Ducks

      A waddling duck is mesmerising.  I vote we gather all available bread for our duck overlords.  This is a trap. Do not fall for it. Big Bread wants your ducks dead. Feed your ducks peas. 

    12. Re: What Ranking is your novel at?

      Mine was at 972 when I deleted it. I believe the best it got was the high 700s

    13. Re: Rejected for sexual focus

      Do note that descriptions (fiction and chapter titles) cannot have mature content and that even with the sexual content warning, your fiction is not allowed to focus on sexual content. If we suspect that (...)

    14. Re: 55k in 5 days done

      Buller gonna Buller

    15. Re: why writhathon needs you to clear your backlog?

      I see. but isn't it the same thing when you publish? We can simply have the staff check whatever the winner has drafted. and cancel the winner if it is not an actual chapter. You can just put rambling (...)

    16. Re: why writhathon needs you to clear your backlog?

      Because then it would just be nanowrimo where it's all honor system. The stress and fun and CHALLENGE is in both writing and publishing within the allotted time Otherwise, you could just copy paste (...)

    17. Re: I got a stupid idea.

      I saw the blog post and went, "Eh, Buller will do it."