1. Re: It's been years, and the LGBTQ+ hate still won't go away.

      Is there really nothing that can be done to stop all the weirdoes from leaving nasty comments or anonymous bad ratings? Or is Royal Road just not the place for LGBTQ+ stories? You can block the (...)

    2. Re: 10 Chapter Reviews

      If you haven't bit off more than you can chew yet, I'd definitely appreciate a review  :DrakanWine:

    3. Re: My Biggest Success in Nearly Two Years of Writing My Story

      First big milestone! Way to go, newbie!!

    4. Re: I just made it onto rising stars!

      Congratulations, and good luck! It can be a little rough and anxiety-inducing, but just keep the positives in mind and you'll be fine.

    5. Re: Hello all!

      Well, hello! Congrats on Rising Stars, and I'll for sure see you around  :DrakanWine:

    6. Re: Word for Language You Don't Understand

      I can't think of a specific word, just perhaps an acknowledgment that the person doesn't speak/know/understand the local language. Maybe someone will have a better answer!

    7. Re: Top 1000 in the Ratings!

      Big congratulations!  :DrakanWine:

    8. Re: ¿is the role of luck underplayed?

      Luck absolutely plays into being found by the right readers at the right time to get maximum visibility, but because of that, you have to write knowing you may never get lucky. I'll echo everyone else (...)

    9. Re: New litRPG Author Signing In!

      Hello, and welcome! There are a lot of new writers here, so you're in the right place with great company. Release two chapters a day for a week should get you some visibility, which is a great way to start. (...)

    10. Re: 100 Followers!

      Congrats and well deserved!

    11. Re: I'll leave a review on whoever comments on any of my stories.

      Sure, commenting is fun! I'll go through a couple of chapters and leave a few. Only have one story, so nothing to choose between there lol

    12. Re: 1000 views!

      Congratulations! The first 1k is special and more validating than any other milestone, I think. 

    13. Re: I just got my first rating.

      If you think the low rating was done in bad faith, you can open a support ticket to have them look into it. That doesn't necessarily guarantee its removal. It just means there will be closer scrutiny. (...)

    14. Re: 1k Views!

      I personally think 1k is a huge milestone! Congratulations  :DrakanWine:

    15. Re: Newbie alert

      Hello, and welcome! I'm currently in a (literature) PhD program and riddled with anxiety, and the thought that it won't ever go away is positively frightening. That said, I hope you enjoy your time here (...)

    16. Re: 1000 Views and Counting!

      That's really fantastic. Here's to more followers and views!  :DrakanWine:

    17. Re: 2,500 Views!


    18. Re: I've been lurking for a while -- time to say hello

      Hello, and welcome. How smart to lurk and get a backlog before making your debut! Congrats on sharing it with the world, and I wish you all the luck. RR is pretty friendly, so there's always someone who (...)

    19. Re: Am bored too, will review (first 7)

      I was too slow! But I wanted to say this was nice of you to offer this for people  :DrakanMelt:

    20. Re: 50 followers!

      Big congratulations!  :DrakanWine: