1. Re: Fantasy Writers - How do you come up with your monsters? Is my idea too silly?

      As a reader, I love the idea of having monsters being based off of items in the convenience store. This gives you a lot of routes that you can go down, and can allow you to make a lot of different types (...)

    2. Re: Looking for a (hopefully) permanent beta reader willing to read a variety of different stories (unpaid)

      What are the size of the chapters you write and how often do you write them? Knowing the potential time commitment can make a large impact on whether people are willing to volunteer their time.

    3. Re: Delete My Story Or Edit It?

      The best answer to this question is "it depends", and thus I can't give you an answer. What I can do is help give you the questions I would ask myself if I encountered a similar scenario. Which path (...)

    4. Re: Synopsis and Cover feedback

      I think the cover looks great, nothing needs to be changed there. For the synopsis I think there are some things that need to be changed. When you ask a rhetorical question in the manner you did, "What (...)

    5. Re: Feedback on my synopsis and front cover?

      I think your cover is ok but could use some work. I really like the background of the cover, beautiful stars and colors. I was enjoying them and suddenly realized there is supposed to be a person in the (...)

    6. Re: Feedback on synopsis for upcoming work?

      Apologies if this sounds harsh, I am just trying to help your story do well. I found it weird that you called Miro both normal boy and a mage in the same sentence as usually those two things are mutually (...)