Ash Durra

Ash Durra

    1. Re: What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

      If anyone thinks they can just self promote into the void of social media and hope to pull people to their story, you're sorely mistaken IMO. Your best bet is targeted self-promotion inside active community (...)

    2. Re: Is this normal for some web novels?

      Earlier chapters will always have more readers than newer chapters, and the numbers will be drastically different. This is for a multitude of reasons, not all of which are negative. Some might read your (...)

    3. Re: I've seen many authors that are just starting out but have decent covers. Where do y'all get your covers w(...)

      Honestly, unless you are an established author on or off RR, putting money down on a cover should be a no-go. Go to Canva, whip something up that is halfway decent (not hard to do honestly) and have it (...)

    4. Re: Are prologues bad? Do readers feel misled?

      I think prologues, and epilogues for that matter, are good tools to start/end a book from the point of view of a different character or timeline. Now I probably wouldn't start a new story with a prologue, (...)

    5. Re: Bought the first physical book I edited!

      Congrats. It must be exciting to see something you've worked on in physical print!

    6. Re: 100,000 Views, 1000 Followers, and 200,000 words.

      All three big milestones. It's a testament to your dedication to your story and craft. Congratulations!

    7. Re: Request for advice about word processing?

      Google Docs. And once you train it, Grammarly.  1000% this. I've gone about my story in a different way than I think most have, in that I have all my chapters on a single document and I use headings (...)

    8. Re: How often do you feel frustrated or demotivated?

      I'm writing my story as a form of my own entertainment if that makes sense. Like I could do another playthrough of Pathfinder WotR or write this book. Having said that, I still want to write, set a semi-regular (...)

    9. Re: Is it normal to drop a book you like halfway through?

      I usually finish stories that I have heavily invested in, even if the story takes a turn that I don't particularly find enjoyable. The three biggest examples for me would be He Who Fights with Monsters, (...)

    10. Re: Cover Art Crisis

      I can't recommend Canva enough. If your not looking for a cover super-specific towards your story, like your MC fighting a Boss creature, then you can crank out a good quality cover on canva in 10-15 minutes. (...)