1. Re: What makes you dislike the MC?

      Mary Sue-ism. Make him/her hurt, now and then.

    2. Re: cheese is proof that old milk is superior

      The greatest novel, code, game, poem, etc is right in front of you - on the keyboard. The trick is figuring out what buttons to press - and in what order - to unlock it. But it's there, right in front (...)

    3. Re: Using emboldenment to signify shouting/raised voice?

      Yeah, I don't know - I personally hate "tricks" to show emotion/otherness/etc. Some italics are sometimes justified, but bold just comes off as, "I didn't want to write something powerful, so I made the (...)

    4. Re: Weirdest combinations of genres

      I'm currently writing a series set in a fantastical version of prehistoric North America - it's like a Western, but like a fantasy, and like a survival-adventure story, and like a Uelle Gibbons foraging (...)

    5. Re: First Comments

      Umm I'd kill for any comments at the moment :-)

    6. Re: Ya know...

      All the time - it's part of the reason I picked an episodic format for this project. The first will be a straight narrative - soon, I'll be launching something like, "Tales from the World of Thornsong" (...)

    7. Re: How dark is too dark for you. (story-wise)

      Coming from the WH40K universe - when it feels silly. Properly done, I'll go as dark as you like...but when it gets to grimderp, I'm out.

    8. Re: Naming Characters. Come Rant With Me

      I had a hell of a time with Thornsong. It wasn't my first pick for the name - but everything I googled already had strong connections. Fortunately, once I found a name I liked, the backstory (and a (...)

    9. Re: Just crossed the 10K mark on a new project- in a new genre

      It is a novel about a character named Thornsong in a fantastical version of prehistoric North America that hunts monsters...but it is not affiliated with the "Monster Hunter" franchise in any way. Small (...)

    10. Just crossed the 10K mark on a new project- in a new genre

      Usually, the 10K mark is where I decide whether to kill or keep a project. I just crossed the threshold with Thornsong: Monster Hunter, and I'm 100% dedicated to seeing it through. I'm usually a flash (...)

    11. Re: Tropes that you enjoy seeing

      Sympathetic monsters!

    12. What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

      I'm active on Reddit ( and gaining some traction on Twitter, but my general irritation at Facebook keeps me from setting up shop there. The problem I'm finding is that very (...)

    13. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      So I just ask you for food, and you'll give it to me? In exchange for useless little metal wafers? All right - I found a whole mess of them in a cave once. Tired of lugging them around. I'll need (...)

    14. Re: How detailed is your outline?

      Big swoops and nothing more. I'm used to writing as new facts become available for my day-to-day job, and I like approaching fiction the same way. Sometimes things just...happen. My characters surprise (...)

    15. Re: Genre shift from LitRPG to Progression/Fantasy

      You've got a better handle on it than me, though I am a long, long, long-time gamer. My first RPG came with my Nintendo (Dragon Warrior), unless we count whacking cousins with increasingly bigger stick (...)

    16. Re: Genre shift from LitRPG to Progression/Fantasy

      I posted a question on Reddit about what - exactly - defines progression fantasy vs litrpg vs general. The boundaries, like most things, are fairly fluid. I wouldn't consider my series to be a (...)

    17. Re: When would you give up?

      This is my hobby - I write trade journal stuff for money. If it ever makes money, that's very cool. Ditto garnering lots of readers. But I write primarily for myself. I'm sure the issues are linked (...)

    18. Re: What brings meaning to your life?

      Knowing that I am the only one, ever, to tell my story - my personal story and my created ones. Better yet - I can change both on the fly, every second of every day.

    19. Re: What are your protagonist(s) and/or antagonist(s) theme songs?

      The HU - Wolf Totem's throat singing, so not everyone's cup of tea. My gf says it makes her physically gag. I love it.