1. Re: What's the oddest/dumbest bad review you've received?

      2 star review with attached comment on the 1st chapter that was 2x the length of the chapter (around 4-7 k words ) tearing it down bit by bit. This was after few months starting to write as a hobby  :DrakanAngry: (...)

    2. Re: Love RR, but I hate star ratings and reviews and downvoting

      The way I look at it is ratings are giving only some indication of yei or nei when picking up a new series. For example me as a reader: I do tend to fall to the tendency to judge prematurely only by (...)

    3. Re: VR story help

      Hello, I think you are looking for this if my memory isn't betraying me. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/everyone-is-young-except-for-me/ Lmk if I hit the mark!

    4. Re: 10k views!

      Congratulations :) Follows come and go but the achievement is well deserved  :DrakanWine:

    5. Re: My worst review!

      Welcome to the club buddy, it hurts but all publicity (even negative) is good publicity according to general analytics. Onwards and upwards!

    6. Re: The waiting has ended!

      Congratulations! May that 1000 turn into 10 000 soon. Finally I had a chance to return the celebrations! This has been so far so onesided  :DrakanWine:

    7. Re: RR novels with sassy/sarcastic protagonist

      you could try my first shabby fic from the sig (its currently 28 chappys) if you are truly bored. It is kind of unpolished and still needs fixing, but somehow ended in rising stars for comedy/horror. (...)

    8. Re: Looking to assist a writer

      I have the skills necessary  Have fun, do not think about what the rest thinks. This^ Just make your story and make edits later if you find it necessary. If you think most of your story is ''fluff'' (...)

    9. Re: New author (Advice?)

      Hello & welcome! Might be shallow to say this but the way I started few months ago was just start writing.  Sure the feedback at the start was almost non existent and you get some views from recent updates (...)

    10. Re: I don't see rating

      You can try statistics in the front page, shows stars views follows etc. Hope this helps

    11. Re: I Made it to Rising Star!

      Congrats! Well deserved

    12. Re: Hello everyone! Tell me about your day

      Welcome aboard! This is a good site for improvement and getting feedback. First steps are always the hardest, we all know that but it does gets easier :DrakanMelt:

    13. Re: I no longer have a review-backlog

      competition intensifies with all the review posts lately  :DrakanGlasses:

    14. Re: My first time in rising stars!

      Thanks and it is what it is, if they don't bother to even leave reason why they disliked my story, I don't know what to improve. It stings, but you can't entertain everyone. :DrakanThink:

    15. Re: My first time in rising stars!

      update for the first 1.5 star :) 

    16. Re: My first time in rising stars!

      so far zero but there is still time, lost few followers though when I have been updating the second fic more frequently  :DrakanFascinating:

    17. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      If you are still up for it, feel free to review either one of mine from the signature.  :DrakanPotato:

    18. Re: Writers with awesome covers: where do you go to get them made?

      I found my first cover from the art thread provided by Asviloka. 2nd by making a thread asking if anyone has extra cover with shop featured in it and Asviloka came through again with the amazing cover. (...)

    19. Re: Words per chapter

      I tend to keep it 1500 +- 300 words, depending on the chapter of course. It is just a personal preference coming from my own reading habits and on open office it makes me feel bad if the page count goes (...)

    20. Re: What's Another Good Word for 'Tank'?

      beefyboy, meatwall or on the serious note: vanguard should do the trick? Now that I think about it, it is hard to describe it easily in a fitting way. Vanguard actually sounds quite nice. If you don't (...)