1. Help with naming places

      I have been trying to name cites and towns(there are total 3) in my book but I can't think of anything. I tried the name generator but they were no good. So I wanted to ask how you guys name the places (...)

    2. Re: Why do people think MC's need to be perfect?

      I personally do not prefer characters that are perfect because that makes them unrealistic. I think giving the characters flaws increases the attachment of the reader with the character. When a character (...)

    3. Re: Hello!!

      Welcome! Do you have any favourite genres or tropes or other preferences for reading? And are you writing your novel within those same areas or something completely different? I hope you enjoy RR (...)

    4. Re: Hello!!

      Thank you so much for the welcome and wishes! T-T I hope we get along :D

    5. Re: Completely New Here, It’s Kinda Scary NGL

      Heyy Welcome! I'm new here too(i joined today lol) and I'm in the process of writing my first novel too! Lets learn together and good luck with your novel ^^

    6. Hello!!

      Heyy my name is Radha but people also call me Ada since that's easier lol. I love to read and I'm in the process of writing my first book! Once I'm done I'd love to share with everyone!