1. Re: A wild story eater appear...🌘

      Welcome welcome! Welcome to Royal Kitchen! There are plenty of great food out here. I’m sure you will find one to satisfy your daily palate. If you like some fantasy mystery spice, you may check out mine (...)

    2. Re: Should I Give Up On My Story?

      Thank you so much for the different perspectives. I will put deep consideration into every advice given. I love that Royal Road is so loving and inclusive which continues to fuel my passion for writing (...)

    3. Should I Give Up On My Story?

      Greetings Royals, yet again. You have probably seen my name multiple times already. Sorry for constantly posting threads. It’s really because this community is so forgiving that I‘m emboldened to post (...)

    4. Re: SOS for Readers and Writers

      hello eric_river, my long old friend that definitely sounds like a solid plan  you introduced me to rhyme like no other  it’s been one month I’ve seen you like a brother  thanks again for the good (...)

    5. SOS for Readers and Writers

      Greetings Royals! I have been struggling to write in a way that connects the readers to my characters/story. I know there are many subtle nuances involved in writing and is not as straightforward as ABC. (...)

    6. Re: (Almost) 20 days of Royal Road

      Congratulations! I am also a new writer and user of RR. Been here for 30+ days. Like you said, it definitely helps to be active in the community! Thanks for the advice and cheers to reading!  :DrakanWine: (...)

    7. Re: Towa here! Nice to meet everyone!

      Hello Towa! Welcome to Royal Road! If you want to promote your fiction, you can head over to this thread, I’ll include a link down below. Promote Your Fiction Thread As with all new RR writers/readers, (...)

    8. Re: Hi, I'm Aly!

      Hello Aly! Welcome to Royal Road! It’s a great community out here and I have no doubt that you will have fun writing and reading! I recommend Alexa Lee’s Thick As Thieves but if you like, you can check (...)

    9. Re: Hello, RR Community!

      Hello! Welcome to Royal Road! If you want to promote your fiction, you can head over to this thread, I’ll include a link down below. Promote Your Fiction Thread As with all new RR writers/readers, (...)

    10. Re: Classic dystopian stories?

      Check out Alexa Lee’s Thick as Thieves. It gives me hunger games vibes.

    11. Re: novel written like a diary

      I think mine is quite similar to what you are looking for. It’s not exactly a diary but my style makes it seem like one. It can also be quite confusing with short chapters here and there. When you are (...)

    12. Re: Hiya Means Hi In Karate!

      Welcome! What I found has worked for me are review swaps after you have 10k+ words available. All the best and welcome to Royal Road!!  :DrakanMelt: :DrakanWine:

    13. Re: 3000+ views & 14 followers

      Congratulations! The first milestone to many more to come!  :DrakanWine:

    14. A String that Connects You and Me

      This is a different story from the conventional LitRPG Genre on RR.  If you are looking for monsters, power levels and dungeons, I have none for you. But if you are looking for something different. (...)

    15. Re: Hi Everyone!

      Hello. Welcome to Royal Road. This is the road to new beginnings. Cheers! :DrakanWine: :PeoReading:

    16. Re: My first fiction got approved!

      Congratulations on writing your first fiction. I took a quick glance through your first chapter and there are some areas you really need to improve on. I will provide some feedback for you and I hope you (...)

    17. Re: 2k views a gogo

      Wow! That's amazing! I wish you the best of luck! :DrakanWine: :DrakanMelt:

    18. Re: I finally joined the 1K views club

      Congratulations! The only way is up from here! :DrakanWine:

    19. Re: Looking for Stories to Devour ;) [Closed]

      Thank you so much for all your replies! I’ll definitely read all of them, one at a time. I look forward to reading your wonderful novels. With this, the thread is officially closed. Cheers to reading! (...)

    20. Re: Wholesome stories

      Mine is quite a wholesome story though there are some sad moments here and there. If you like innocent and naive MC, you can check mine out.  :DrakanWine: