1. Re: Songs in stories...how do you do it right?

      Have Chat GPT make a song. Honestly it can't write chapters or a story to save its life. But short ditties, it is amazing. Just put it in italics and put it in there like Lord of the Rings style.

    2. Re: How do y'all create maps?

      I use excel. Make each box 10x10 pixels and color code them. Each box is a mile or a kilometer. Makes it very mentally easy to keep track of distances, features, and their relation to each other. You can (...)

    3. Re: Hello Everyone! I'm an old dog, learning new tricks. :)

      I wish you luck finding both readers and success! Always great to have more people on RR.

    4. Re: I can't rate reviews on a fiction?

      There are very strict rules regarding reviews. Most likely you broke one of those rules and it was reported. You can only comment about the story, not the author, and you can give 0.5 stars, but the review (...)

    5. Re: What's the thing called where it gets harder to reach the speed of light?

      You can't reach the speed of light, since everything is moving at the exact same speed, and it is temporal changes that are occurring. This is why it is called the Theory of Relativity, since the speed (...)

    6. Re: What's the limit?

      I won't say my story is the limit of what is allowed. But if I had to guess it is fairly close. Just be prepared for the unrelenting barrage of attacks to come your way. Dark stories attract dark mindsets. (...)

    7. Re: The Looming Exposure/Discoverability Problem on RR and How to Solve It (…maybe)

      SNIP RR is only fair to select type of writers though. And it's limitation in what groups can succeed limit what types of reader are likely to come to this sight. (This goes past just genres but also (...)

    8. Re: The Looming Exposure/Discoverability Problem on RR and How to Solve It (…maybe)

      There are going to be winners and losers. This is the harsh reality of writing webnovels. There are only so many front-page slots, so many readers, so many subscribers. There is a reason I often refer (...)

    9. Re: Zuckerberg Killed Facebook, Elon Killed Twitter…So Where Do I Advertise?

      This site is far better than Facebook or Twitter. Those other sites are more for when you go to Amazon.

    10. Re: Is Anyone Else Obsessing Over Other People's Unpopular Stories?

      This thread really encapsulates the difference between a writer and an author, or at least how I define these words. A writer writes, often for a hobby or just validation. An author writes and does self-promotion. (...)

    11. Re: Is it common to get 0.5 star rating?

      Welcome to the 0.5 club. The more you collect, the higher your rank. Get 100 and you reach grandmaster status and ascend to the next level of reality.

    12. Re: Rating Royalroad.com ★★★★★

      I would give RR 5/5 stars. I base this rating by looking at other sites, which is one reason I write here on RR. The simple fact is RR is not a publisher and offers multiple ways, that are very fair for (...)

    13. Re: Is Royal Road a good place to build an audience?

      The best way to describe RR from an author's perspective is a bloodbath. And that is putting it nicely. While everyone here is friendly, the fight up the Rising Stars (RS) list when your first put up a (...)

    14. Re: This question has been nagging at the back of my mind - What song would perfectly fit your character?

      A reader on my discord pointed out the perfect song for my main character Michael. The lyrics match perfectly to Michael's mindset, and the music has just the right vibe. I'M GONNA WIN by Rob Cantor (...)

    15. Re: How Many Times a Week Should You Publish?

      First consistency. You don't want to change your posting schedule. So whatever you decide on, keep that. While you can release bigger batches at the start for RS, make that clear. One thing readers hate (...)

    16. Re: What counts as a view?

      The blurb page doesn't count. Views are per page per person. That is why longer stories with more chapters get more views. Since people binge read them. So, a story with 1 person reading the entire thing (...)

    17. Re: Published author with the Big 5 ... Here is better.

      Welcome to RR. Great to have more people and I hope you find success. I would build on what Max Lake Enix said above. This place is a bloodbath. The level of competition is incredibly fierce, since (...)

    18. Re: Tumbleweed Rolling Through Here Too?

      RR is actually up year over year in terms of traffic. There are slow days of course, but overall, it is busier than ever before. A good way to check is to use the WayBack Machine and look at the RS list (...)

    19. Re: World building pet peeves

      Any story with politics that are slavery bad, nobles greedy, with no resource shortages at a strategic level. If you are going to actually include politics in your story, take some risks, have some depth. (...)