by C. Ron Ickler
785 pages

Sky pirates have stolen Sir Broderick's beloved donkey! He'll do anything to save his noble steed from these dastardly foes. Including teaming up with the wizard whose home he accidentally incinerated and go on a quest around the land of Caldonia, where everyone worships giant chickens and colorful language takes on a new meaning.

New posting schedule is twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:06 am EDT.

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Saga of Steel and Bone (Ashes & Phoenix)

Saga of Steel and Bone (...)
by Rhea Bring
700 pages

Can a King rise from the ashes of a broken soul?

As a half-breed abomination blamed for the death of his brother, Roland's father disowned him and his pack rejected him. Without a home, only the vilest of overlords accepted him as a slave.

His past defined him, his present seemed futile, and his future seemed hopeless.

Until he escaped the assassin overlords and came to meet a small family who adopted him as their own. They forced him to look past what he’d come to expect in Humans; forced him to face what he’d become. They showed him a glimpse of happiness for the first time in his life.

But tragedy is never far from one running from the past. The Empire steals his first glimpse of peace, putting him on a collision course of past, present, and future that will take him to a small town needing a hero and vast mountains hiding deadly secrets and fire-breathing creatures. It's a race against time to rescue those he loves... before they, too, become more cold bodies laid at the feet of the Emperor.

His path will take him on the journey of hero and villain, the lines blurred between right and wrong, his hands stained red with the blood of both the guilty and the innocent.

But Roland knows one thing. Those who took his family will pay.

He’s coming for them, and Avidon will never be the same. 

Ashes is clean werewolf fiction with redemptive and psychological elements. It is the first in a planned trilogy, set in the First of the Four Worlds, Avidon. Book Two, Phoenix, is currently being released on a two to three chapters a week schedule. This tale contains elements of faith, family, and fighting for hope in hopeless situations. There is war: so violence, blood, and gore are common, as are vague references to torture and rape. Dive into Avidon and her sister worlds today for heart-pounding adventure, laughter, and baby dragons. Enjoy!

Want to know what's happening on Beulah, Second of the Four Worlds? Hop over to The Guardian and explore a world of magic and mayhem where one girl and her pony-sized wolf roam the streets looking for people they can devour. Or the wolf does. Aria is merely trying to find her place in a world while avoiding pesky princes and royals.

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Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator LitRPG Tale

Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator (...)
by Mystique
1.4k pages

She had welcomed Death with open arms, and was more than happy to spend her afterlife floating in the void. Until a Goddess decides she has better plans for her and offers her a choice any fantasy loving geek would die for. However after accepting the offer she learned the hard way that one should always read the fine print, especially when dealing with a God. 

Now her new life has begun, only she's been dropped into the world of her favorite game. Except, instead of becoming a side character or even one of the heroes of the game she's inhabiting the body of the game's final boss, 8 years before she became the villainess. Now she has to navigate a hostile home where her own father sees her as nothing more than a pawn on a chessboard, and her stepmother wants her dead to free up succession for her son. She has to try to navigate the confusing relationship between herself and her stepbrother, who could be her greatest ally or her most dangerous foe. The original Liliana Rosengarde fell from grace and burned the queendom on her quest for revenge. Can she prevent that fate from happening and save the queendom, and her own life? 

And maybe, she's not the only one who needs to be saved. 

She'll need to gather allies, both human and beast, if she has any hope of subverting the destiny that was already written for her. 

Tags that fit this story that aren't options:

Slow Burn, if you don't like slow stories that build to action very slowly this isn't the novel for you. If you like slow development, copious introspection and a story focused on a single character you will probably enjoy this!

Crunchy LitRPG, numbers, math, boxes galore adorn these pages.

Non-Villainous Lead

This story has been posted to Royal Road and Scribblehub. Anywhere else I have not authorised the posting of!

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Progressive Detective the Q

Progressive Detective (...)
by Tridetect
352 pages

Turmoil brews in Japan when a mysterious man attacks seemingly random parts in Osaka. A lone individual named Hyde Tetsuya has no past and a lackluster future for his final highschool year. After having strange dreams and an encounter with the mysterious man, he joins a local detective agency to find the truths of the mystery as well as the secrets behind the two children who hold a strong power. They must be protected from the mysterious man who has his sights set on the children and the tools that contain magic. The world expands from here with grand ambitions that must be caught. Heroism lies dead in the corner and what binds humanity all together ends NOW. 
There's a case that needs to be solved but at what cost? Their lives.

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A Poor Day For Digging Graves

A Poor Day For Digging (...)
by Virgil_F_Tompson
454 pages

A graveyard is no place to raise a child, yet raised there Caj Donovan was. Despite his noble birth, despite his parents’ innocence of any crime, he was orphaned not long after birth by order of the King. The King's Executioner has been dirtying his hands with politics that he has no business in. The King's Executioner is gambling for power. When his game takes everything from Caj a second time, the young undertaker realizes that if he wants to stop the madman, he will have to beat him at his own game.

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by Necariin
3.1k pages

Dissonance, Unbound Book 1 is available now on Kindle for Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Audible, or Paperback!

A New World. A Thousand Threats. Welcome to The Continent.

Felix's life on Earth had become a series of dead-end jobs, ruined relationships, and rotating apartments smaller than most postage stamps. By all accounts, even his own, he was a coward. Too afraid to move forward, to take risks. Yet when given the chance to choose between risking his life or walking away from a deadly encounter, he didn't hesitate.

Moments before his untimely demise, Felix was snatched from earth and thrust into a magical world known only as ‘The Continent’. Empowered by the ‘System,' he learns that he can strengthen himself through combat and dedication. To survive he'll have to push himself beyond his limits, or else fall to the monsters all around him.

Levels, stats, and magic. Death is the start of a terrible fate, but if he lives…who knows what he will become.

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Chapters Post: Monday/Wednesday/Fridays

 Discord server 
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Mother of Learning

Mother of Learning
by nobody103
2.9k pages

Zorian is a teenage mage of humble birth and slightly above-average skill, attending his third year of education at Cyoria's magical academy. He is a driven and irritable young man, consumed by a desire to ensure his own future and free himself of the influence of his family, whom he resents for favoring his brothers over him. Consequently, he has no time for pointless distractions or paying attention to other people's problems. As it happens, time is something he is about to get plenty of. On the eve of the Cyoria's annual summer festival, he is killed and brought back to the beginning of the month, just before he was about to take a train to Cyoria. Suddenly trapped in a time loop with no clear end or exit, Zorian will have to look both within and without to unravel the mystery before him. And he does have to unravel it, for the time loop hadn't been made for his sake and dangers lurk everywhere... Repetition is the mother of learning, but Zorian will have to first make sure he survives to try again - in a world of magic, even a time traveler isn't safe from those who wish him ill.


Mother of Learning is now available for sale on Amazon. The story will remain available in full here on Royal Road and on Fictionpress, but if you're more interested to read the story as a Kindle Edition e-book you now have a way to do that.

The audiobook for the first and second arc is available for on this link here. The one for the third arc is available for pre-order. The physical edition was available through a Kickstarter campaign, which has ended, but I will leave a link to it here none the less.

I will keep you all updated on that as things develop.


If anyone is interested, I have a story-related worldbuilding site that can be found here. I don't update it as often as I should, but there is a fair amount of content there already. It also contains a page with all the fanart, fan translations, audio books and the like - you can reach it directly by clicking this link.

I have a patreon account for those kind people that want to give me money. It also contains info for those who want to donate via paypal.

The story was originally posted on fictionpress, back in 2011. When I reached chapter 91, I started uploading the story to RoyalRoad, one chapter per day. The Fictionpress version of the story can be reached by clicking on this link if somebody is interested, though at this point there is nothing there that isn't also on RoyalRoad.

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Creation - The Path of a God

Creation - The Path of (...)
by Neosquall20022000
1.9k pages

The day had not been a great day for Han.  After experiencing traumatic events, all in one day, Han went to a restaurant to eat.  This should have been a typical event, but he discovered a new ability while eating food.  He had gained the Creation ability.  


Follow Han, as he gains new experiences in a new environment and figures out what being a god is like.  What happens if an individual gets powers that don't have limits, where he can do whatever he wants.


YouTube Channel:

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