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    1. Re: Trading Reviews for comments

      Tired of writing into a void.  If you leave a comment or two on either of my stories, I'll give one of your stories of choice a simple review after reading roughly the first 4 or 5 chapters (maybe (...)

    2. Re: Trading Reviews for comments

      Sounds good to me! I'll go through and comment it up, lol

    3. Re: First Chapter Comment Swaps

      Sure! Sounds good to me. I'll check it out!

    4. Re: Looking for Things to Review

      To the 3 above: Void and flame: Added again but I'm not sure what to do with it. Since I'm changing format, there's a possibility.  EmmyJL: Can you pick one? One of those 3.  Shami: I'll add (...)

    5. Re: Looking for Things to Review

      The real question: are you still open to reading other novels? o.o (It seems like you have a lot of peeps!) But if yes, I could do a swap (I see you write things as well). Thank you for posting this, (...)

    6. Re: Single Lead vs Multi-leads

      Some people here have great suggestions! My only "tip" I would add is: Be passionate about the character's inclusion in the story. Don't just write someone in because you "need information to be given (...)

    7. Re: general new author tips?

      My biggest suggestion is: keep writing. When in doubt, write more. I read once it takes about 10,000 hours of an activity to become "good" at it. Every word you write, every chapter you construct, (...)

    8. Re: Hey Peeps! Didn't know this place was so huge!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Have to agree with your assessment of Royal Road. It really is a great place to read good stories and share your own work. The Forums are a wonderful place to interact with the (...)

    9. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      Hey guys! This is my first story on Royal Road. It's a portal fantasy litRPG (isekai, basically) and it's about a multi-dimensional competition. o.o (Special Forces guy, high-tech stuff, and cool magic (...)

    10. Re: Hey Peeps! Didn't know this place was so huge!

      Hi, welcome! I hope you have a really fun time here on the site/forums! Though it sounds like you already are  :DrakanMelt: Oh, yeah. Definitely! It seems like I've found a bunch of "my people" so (...)

    11. Hey Peeps! Didn't know this place was so huge!

      Hello peeps! My name is Shami Stovall, and I've been an author for a few years. I knew some websites existed for writing purposes, and I heard of Royal Road, but I had never seen it. My fiance, John (...)