Aster Loka

Aster Loka

    1. Re: I Have surpassed 150,000 words

      Congratulations! I'm closing in on 150k myself, it's a serious quantity of words to manage for sure! :DrakanPotato: :DrakanWine:

    2. Re: How do you guys keep getting all those followers?

      Write well, write fast, and get lucky. Post what people want to read, and write it in such a way that it makes them want more and more. I'm only marginally successful at these things, but I always (...)

    3. Re: Update length vs frequency

      1200 minimum, 2800 maximum. As often as possible. I tend to write my own between 1300 and 1700 and put out five a week to patreon, which is about the max I can do in a week reliably. I'm sure I'd do (...)

    4. Re: Does anyone write stories while listening to music?

      Ohh, mind sharing that song? is the current one I'm using for fight scenes.

    5. Re: Does anyone write stories while listening to music?

      I love instrumental vibe soundtracks as mood-setters. Been using some of those pandora journey premade ones on youtube recently, really helpful when I just need a mood and don't have time to hunt down (...)

    6. Re: Comment section etiquette and avoiding discouraging authors?

      It depends on the author. Some will be discouraged by anything less than praise, others will laugh off even direct insults, and the whole range in between. I'm not a comment-reader, if I dislike a (...)

    7. Re: What to do when a reader is irritated about a flaw of the MC, but it's important to the story?

      No matter what you write, someone will complain about it. Too smart, too dumb, too successful, fails too much, there is no 'perfect' balance where everyone will be happy. People have different tastes, (...)

    8. Re: I will read 30 to 40 chapters of your story. Of the first 10 commented. Free!

      Wow, this is an amazing offer, very kind of you! I hope you find some amazing stories. :) I have a good number of reviews already so I'm not joining the queue, just wanted to say good on ya for volunteering (...)

    9. Re: Just The Two of Us.

      Colleagues, friends, and family.  ^This. I make no secret of my ambitions, and everyone I know irl is happy for my moderate success thus far.

    10. Re: Do you ever feel the need to rewrite your earlier chapters?

      I feel the urge to rewrite almost constantly, but I've seen too many good stories die to perpetual rewrites and refuse to let that happen to me. Flawed start or not, I'm going to finish the whole thing (...)

    11. Re: How do I communicate with my followers - a.k.a. Are "posts" what I think they are?

      Most people either use a new chapter or an author note in a chapter header/footer to communicate with their readers.

    12. Re: Multi Words

      Do we all use the original word, or is it based off the shorter one? Coven

    13. 500 Pages!

       My story has finally reached the coveted 500-page mark! Now I have joined the ranks of those halfway to a thousand! Next stop, a thousand itself. I'm coming... !

    14. Re: What does your protagonist want the most?

      Eclipse is basically entirely about that question - Rubines sets out to save anyone he can from the approaching cataclysm, and it traces his journey from official channels to... less official ones as he's (...)

    15. Re: LIGHT Theme or DARK Theme?

      Darkmode forever! :DrakanPotato:

    16. Re: Badly explain the plot of your series with no spoilers

      Grumpy regressor is grumpy, and overestimates his capabilities. Also, humans are scary.

    17. That feeling when you find another story that's basically the same as yours...

      :peodead:  Browsing the recent audible sale, I found a book whose synopsis could have been describing my story - if you changed the names, no one would bat an eye at it. So much for a different take (...)

    18. Re: First Forum post after 5 (more like 8-9) years here, got some recent question.

      How fair is it that popular stories suddenly got no visibility to new visitor in the first page from going into the KU route? RoyalRoad is a site for readers, first and foremost. Advertising stories (...)

    19. Re: When to know when you need to change things up?

      Right now you need to get more content out. Too few pages and no one will bother since there's a much higher percentage of dropped stories. Your window starts at 100 pages minimum, and ideally more like (...)