1. Re: I finished the rough draft of my very first novel

      Congrats! Hope you're proud of the final product. I am really proud of it already. I can't wait to get it all good and ready for a broader audience.

    2. I finished the rough draft of my very first novel

      I have always wanted to write a book and thanks to this wonderful community, I have completed my very first novel. Well, the rough draft. It is done in little over a month and is ready to be hacked up (...)

    3. 25,000 words!

      I started this project on 11/1/2021 and I am already at 25,000 words. This site has helped me so much in starting what I have always wanted to do but never could find the motivation. Every view has pushed (...)

    4. Re: I created my first cover!

      :peoeyesparkle: It's gorgeous and looks professional! What program did you use? Thanks. I used a cover building site that has their free use images and fonts. 

    5. Re: Finished Arc 1

      Writathon has been awesome to you! Way to go with all that motivation.

    6. I created my first cover!

      I am so proud of it. It reminds me a lot of the young adult fiction from the early 2000s. Loving it.

    7. Re: First review!

      Awesome!  I got my first yesterday too! You are going places! How awesome!

    8. Re: When do you decide to follow?

      As soon as I see blue boxes I search desperately for the follow button.  I am not always successful because it is so well hidden. I'm rather new here, what is a blue box?

    9. Re: First Follower!

      It is so exciting to have people want to read what you have. I hope you get many more followers!

    10. Re: New Cover

      If it is the one in your signature, that is really figgin cool!

    11. Re: 35k words!

      Awesome job. I hope your work gets lots of attention. I am sure it deserves it!

    12. Re: Procuring an editor!

      That is awesome! Contrats! I hope you do something really special to celibrate.

    13. Re: I have five followers!

      Congrats!  I'm having a lot of fun with my writathon story for the same reason. "Look! A follower! Must cherish him!" I know! I want to smother them with gratitude. I need to chill though. I (...)

    14. I have five followers!

      Five people actually want to read what I have written. Five people are interested! I am so excited and grateful to have such attention.

    15. Re: Aspiring Author

      Welcome to RR! Make sure to add your story to your signature so people can find it easier (it's in your settings). I hope you enjoy writing here! Thanks! Took me a while to find it, but (...)

    16. Aspiring Author

      Hello! I am Sinity. I have always wanted to be an author but have been too scared to actually follow through. This year, I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo and hope to actually publish what I have in (...)