Fragment of a Dragon Soul

Dragons and Sci-Fi make for a really cool mix!

Style: The style is great! It has good descriptions of the actions and scenery that the author is trying to make the reader imagine. I have trouble with visualizing, but the clear and simple descriptions in this book helps me imagine everything with ease. The first chapter does really well to hook readers with its high energy and fun atmosphere, it's action-packed and leaves you with questions regarding who certain people are.


Grammar: I'm not an English teacher and English is my second language so 5/5 cause I'm not qualified.


Characters: First chapter and I already know who my favorite character will be. The characters are written very well and they all have their own fun little quirks. Their personalities are super likeable and I think their communication and dialogue with each other is fun. I love how they talk, it fit them perfectly and it's almost like I can hear their voice, so props to the author for that! They gave the characters distinct voices in-line with their characterization and personalities, which is, in my opinion, very difficult!


Story: I mean… it's dragons, fantasy, and LitRPG, three of the best things (in my humble opinion) all combined into one! The story is great, it has the perfect mix of action and dragons with machine and sci-fi stuff, but also lore and actual plot movement. It doesn't get too deep into the action, nor does it get boring with it being story 24/7, it's a good balance of both that will keep you interested and hitting that next chapter button!


Im not a big fan of sci-fi, so for a book to hook a non-sci-fi reader's attention, and keep it there despite said reader having the attention span of a drowning goldfish with short-term-memory loss, it must be super special! Absolutely recommend this for Sci-Fi readers. And definitely for LitRPG ones, the skill names and the whole system for the RPG part of the book is done well and cleanly.

The Future That Never Was — Guns are back in cereal boxes!

Style: The style is incredibly unique in a really good way! The narrator is absolutely adorable and the way things are described is clear, and easy to imagine. With sci-fi, lots of people would have trouble imagining something like a Hadron Gun 9000 Model X² Epsilson Variant, but with this book everything is clearly illustrated with words, it's nice and as someone who speaks English as a second language, it's valuable because of how easy to understand it is.


Grammar: I'm not licensed for this kind of stuff. But from what I know it's a 5/5.


Characters: I mean, the narrator is a cat. That's all you have to know how great the characters are. All jokes aside I do have to say that the characters are unbelievably well-written. The narrator is written exactly how you would think a cat would act, think, and narrate like. I absolutely love Lee's sassiness and how he reacts to other characters and how he would interact with his owner, Ali. I absolutely love cats so I may be biased, but Lee acts like how I would imagine a cat to act like. The other characters are just as good, I just used Lee as an example of how well-written the characters are because I absolutely am obsessed with kitties and because he's kind of the star of the book in my own opinion. Ali, for example, is not lacking in her own badassery and how she's described and how she acts is such a cool contrast to her being a cat person. You'd think people who would slave away for cats (me included) wouldn't be a bounty hunter in space taking down bad guys, but the clashing of her interests and her as a person and her own personality is a really good character trait that is portrayed very well. She also acts like a valley-girl sometimes and I find that fun and a good addition to her whole character.


In short, cats good, cat owners good, valley-girls good.


Story: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.


Long answer, the story is really good. It's a great mix of (some) slice-of-life with Lee and Ali, while also having that sci-fi space bounty hunter badassery. It mixes so well that you'd wonder why this isn't isn't show or movie already! I don't really want to spoil too much, but if you love cats, well-written characters, a nice plot with lots of action, and most importantly Sci-Fi, then read this! I absolutely recommend it, I swear, you will not regret it.

The Heart is a Void: Ashes to Ashes

Style: I don't think there's much I can say, the style is good in all ways. The word choice is great, the paragraph length is good, the word count is just right and not too short nor drawn out. The fight scenes are amazing, just need to point that out  absolutely amazing! So much action and you can really immerse yourself in the battlefield. That's one of the main strengths of this book, a lot of show when people are fighting and I absolutely love that.


Grammar: I'm not really a licensed English teacher, and I don't really live in an English speaking country. So with my current knowledge and understanding of the English language and its grammar, I think that it's pretty much correct.


Characters: CTiNAC (Chicken that is not a chicken) is the best character, and all other opinions are wrong because I said so. All jokes aside, the characters are good, though a bit bland. They're written nicely it's just that they just lack some pizazz. Maybe it's just me and I just like super complicated characters, but the characters just didn't feel exciting, though the fight scenes and the overall style and plot of the story still makes it super interesting, it's just a bit meh on the characters' side of things. 


Story: Super interesting premise, the story is LitRPG and the setting is very Overlord in like the main premise of the plot and what kicks things off (People are trapped in a VRMMO, if they die there they die for realsies.) But that aside, the story is super unique, if you like LitRPGs and Overlord then this is definitely the book for you! I also really liked the slice-of-life chapters before shit went down. Long live the chicken that is not a chicken, despite it being actually pretty terrifying if it were an actual real-life creature, just thinking of its cannibalistic glory gives me shivers.



At The Precipice [A Survival LitRPG]

Super recommend for post-apocalypse enjoyers!

Style: The style is good. The delivery of the story was nice and the pace was stable, though a bit slow (maybe that's just the word count speaking). I love the narration, it's serious with a twist of some comedy here and there but not enough that it takes away the tense post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the story. The length of the chapters is good, though it drags on a bit longer than necessary for some chapters. All in all it's just a great style for an equally great story. 5/5 keep up the amazing work!


Grammar: I'm not an English teacher or professor so with what grammar knowledge I know it's pretty perfect! Super understandable and doesn't have that many difficult words so people that don't speak English as their main language can appreciate it. Kudos to you!


Characters: I don't know why, but I just can't really like the MC, maybe it's their attitude or just the way they act. Not saying the character is unrealistic, it just doesn't click with me for some reason, and I think it's more to do with what happened in the first chapter. He already knows that there are dangerous and bitchy magpies and the chance of a very bad accident happening is very high, and yet he still decided to go up there. Again, not saying that the character is unrealistic, I just didn't really click with him. More often than not I ignore my nitpicks when rating but I just really feel that there's something wrong or missing with the MC, just can't pinpoint it. 4.5/5 cause the MC is written very well, I'm just being super immature.


Story: It's the perfect blend of LitRPG and Post-apocalypse. It's really good! I don't want to spoil anything for the story but I do think that the story has a lot of potential that it's definitely using, a normal everyday-office worker with minimal knowledge of LitRPGs plunged into another earth and suddenly becomes a part of a LitRPG system. It's not perfect and I think the MC is being abused a bit too much, but it's still very good, the storyline isn't like one of a kind but it has its own twists and turns and I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a good post-apocalypse LitRPG.


Overall, great job author person! Absolutely amazing story with a realistic and well-written MC (even though I personally really don't like him for seemingly no reason I don't know why.) Keep going and keep blooming!!!

The Blunderbuss Chronicles: Jon The Farmer

Style: The style reminds me of light-novels, and in a good way. It has good form and structure and the pacing is definitely fast but still enjoyable and understandable. I love the word choice, simple and easy to understand without being monotonous and boring. Honestly I can't find anything wrong with the style to be honest, a nitpick I do have is that sometimes it moves just a tad too fast and makes you crave for more info, normally this would be a good thing but the way it just shuffles onto the next topic feels unsatisfying. That's definitely just me though, so still 5/5.


Grammar: I'm not born in an English-speaking country nor did I grow up in one, so with what knowledge of English I have, I would say it's pretty perfect. 5/5 it's super easy to understand for people like me who didn't have much exposure to English media and therefore struggles with the language, and I think that's super neat and I would actually like to really thank the author for that.


Story: Maybe I just don't read enough, but the plot is super unique! I have honestly never read anything like it. It starts off generically enough with the MC being the black sheep of the town yada yada, disappointed parents (just one parent), and not being very outstanding overall. But it all takes a flip and just, wow. I mainly read litrpgs, light-novels, romance books, and some sci-fi (I say as I intensely stare down the lonely Warcross imprisoned alone in what I call the sci-fi corner of my mind), and if I personally liked the genre I would be an active reader. Alas even if the story is unique and the writing is good, I'm a super picky person with plots and character archetypes so I just couldn't get into it. But that's just a me problem, it's just amazing 5/5, honestly I hate how picky my mind is cause I would love to finish this book.


Characters: I would have definitely liked to see MC have daddy issues honestly I think that would be so funny. Jokes aside, I liked the portrayal of the strained father-son relationship in this book. The awkwardness of the dialogue between the two in the first few chapters, and I'm not saying I'm speaking from experience but, I think that it definitely would dig up some awkward conversations people have with their distant fathers/caretakers. Honestly I love their dynamic. And not just their dynamic, but honestly the character relationships and the characters themselves are super well written, I can't find any holes so 5/5.

The Twins of the Aletere - In the Shadow of Dreams

Slow at first, but super worth it! (Actively Readi

Style: The style. OH GOD THE STYLE! It's amazing! I remember reading the first paragraph of the prologue and I was just stunned, I immediately knew that this was going to be a great book. It caught my extremely short attention span and managed to make me, someone who could get distracted by the soft blowing of the wind, actually focus and read. And read I did, the style made the story a lot more compelling and the word choice was perfect. All in all, 5/5 stars!

Grammar: The grammar is perfect too, or well at least I think, I'm not a native English speaker but from what I've been taught I'm sure that the grammar is perfect!

Story: the first few chapters were good and were more or less an introduction of characters, save for the prologue. The prologue definitely set the tone and stage of the story before we jumped onto the first few chapters and learned more about each individual character and their personalities. I definitely think that this book has a lot to it, and you can tell that there was a lot of love and thought put into the world, even in the first few chapters the world-building is fantastic and it keeps you wanting and stokes the flames of curiosity while also not being too vague and boring. So if you like well thought out fantasy worlds and a really interesting story, pick this up, 100% recommend! (I KNOW THIS ALL SOUNDS VAGUE I JUST DON'T WANT TO SPOIL ITS TOO GOOD TO BE SPOILED!) 

Characters: The characters mmmmmmm. I'll try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, so expect this section to be vague as well. I absolutely love the sibling dynamic of the twins and how their power seems to be the opposite of their personality—one's hot-headed with magic that deals with frost, and the other has explosive fire powers but calm, rational, and understanding. I love this fact because I'm so tired of seeing General McArmypants with cool ice powers have an overdone cold personality, and Generic Protagonist have fire powers with an energetic, bold personality and an unhealthy obsession with explosives. Plus the past characters I've read who DO have clashing themes in their character are just so bland and boring and just. Not. Right. But with this book it just seems to flow naturally and it doesn't seem forced. I love how the characters are written. 5/5 stars. 

Flight of the Cosmic Phoenix

Style: I like the style, it's really good! The word choice is spectacular and the flow of the paragraphs and sentences is super smooth and it's easy to get immersed. It was a bit odd though, switching from first person to third from the prologue to the first chapter, but that's just a nitpick and not really something that I consider a bad thing. All in all, five stars, your style is amazing and honestly really fun to read!

Story: Like the description said  it starts out slowly. Like super slowly. That isn't a bad thing in this story's case though, it makes it easier to get immersed into the whole storyline and feel and atmosphere of the world easier. I feel like if the first chapters moved quickly then the reading experience would be compromised. That said, the story is amazing, I'm not a big fan of Sci-Fi but this book is so good that I got a bit too into it, all in all 5/5 stars.




Characters: I'm not the best at character analysis, so with what little skill and knowledge I have I can say that the characters are well written and all feel like real people. A good example is 



Grammar: I'm not a grammar expert but from what I could see, and read through, it didn't really have any grammar mistakes. 5/5 stars!

In the Light of His Infernal Fire

don't know much about madoka magical but still enj


Aaah this was a great read! I love how you write and describe stuff, it helps me imagine really well. Though, if I had to get really deep in there and nitpick, I'd say that you just need to diversify your word choice, there's only so many times you can use the word "azure" after all. Still 4.5 stars though, because that nitpick is kind of the only flaw I can see in terms of style, and it can be quickly fixed with a Thesaurus and the ALT+F key during editing.



It's pretty okay, there's some mistakes here and there, but not enough to confuse me. I do recommend putting in more commas, it makes things easier to read and understand. That said, though, I don't have any other qualms about it. 4 stars cause, though there are errors, they aren't big enough that it sabotages the writing and story.



I'm not that familiar with Madoka Magica, but with what knowledge I have, I can say that the story is definitely intriguing. Sayaka and Kyouko are definitely really cool characters. I can't really say much here for the story, as I don't really know Madoka Magica well enough to give a valid critique on it. But I do like the story, and the way it is written is great, so 5 stars still.



Again, I don't really know the Madoka Magica characters well enough to give an accurate rating, but I do love Kyouko. I loved Kyouko's fight with the monsters during the first chapter. It helped her personality shine through the fighting, especially when she wouldn't give up even if the church itself was already pretty much all burning down. So 5 stars.

Griffon's Fury!

Definitely needs some fixing, but good story!

The grammar isn't really very good, there are words that aren't in the correct tense. There were also some words switching up places in paragraphs making it a bit confusing to read. And there were also words that were missing suffixes. Some phrases just didn't really flow well enough that it was bothersome, reading them made it feel awkward, word choice and saying the paragraphs aloud is your best friend in fixing this kind of mistake. I think you can definitely improve on these things with a bit of practice.


The style, well, I like the length of your story and think that it's good enough as is. But like the other reviewers, I kind of have to nitpick at your choice to just explain everything by dialogue, there definitely is better ways to world build than just using plain dialogue, you can set up events and foreshadow some future happenings that is important to the plot to aid in your world building. There's also the choice of using Nero as a catalyst, get him into trouble and explain things that way, be creative! There's a lot of possible ways to fix the dialogue-dependent world building of your story, and I think you're very much capable of that. Also, I don't know if it's just me but the walls of text aren't very good, both for the readers and the whole feel of your story. It's fine to write long paragraphs, but the story was literally just starting in Chapter 2, and there was already a sizable wall of world building, it feels a bit infodump-y and not in a good way. 


I don't really have much to say about the characters, I don't dislike them, but they're a bit bland. There's not much uniqueness or character to them that would make me go "Oh! Super unique, love it, love their quirks." and I think making people think or say some sort of variation of that phrase is very important when shaping a character. Else, they'll just be boring and tasteless.


That's really about it, I love the story and the plot, it's just that upping your writing a notch and getting your hands really deep into the mud of creativity will most definitely fix a lot of the problems of this book. I know you're capable of fixing it, so, please do. It's a wonderful story but the dialogue-heaviness, the bland characters, and the weird flow of paragraphs, are kind of ruining the experience.


Things are just beginning, but super interesting!

First of all, story, I really love what you did with the prologue. It gave me lots of questions, but also not too much that it was confusing. They're also just the right questions that would make me want to stay for more chapters. I loved how you mixed in the mystery of this new world and made us question how everything worked while also introducing some rules without being too infodump-y. I love the overall pace of the story, not too slow it's boring, but not too fast it's overwhelming.


Now, the Grammar. I can't really see any mistakes to be honest. Though, I do suggest using Oxford commas, they make things easier to read and series of things flow better. That's about it.


I think the chapters are a tad bit too long, but I don't know if that's just me. That said they're not too long to be boring, I love the length, it's just that it kind of takes a bit more time than usual to flip a page. That necessarily isn't a bad thing, but there are some readers that might prefer shorter chapters to finish chapters better and reduce the time they wait for new chapters to come out. Though still five stars since I personally like the length.


Characters, huh, let's talk about that now. Well, all I can say is, I love Gord and I want him to marry me.


Just kidding, well, not really, but still. Anyway, I do love how the characters interact, it isn't stiff, the conversations flow well, and you can feel their bonds through the dialogue. It's nice, Gord and Cad's interactions remind me of my own sibling relationships, it's like they're actually blood-related with how close they are. It's cute. 


Overall it's a nice book, it's still starting so I can't really judge it very well yet, but I think it has an interesting plot and great writing, so as long as the author keeps up the great work. It'll be super amazing!