1. Re: 100,000 words after daily updates!

      What a great thrill that must be.  Congrats and good luck!

    2. Re: Doing well on rising stars.

      Congrats!  That's awesome!

    3. Re: Completion, and milestones...

      That's the spirit.  Congrats for your finished work.  It's such an awesome feeling when you finally finish your story.  Every time I finish one of them, I'm like happy for the next few days.  So, enjoy (...)

    4. Re: I've seen many authors that are just starting out but have decent covers. Where do y'all get your covers w(...)

      I do my own.  Not the best ones around, but as long as I'm happy with it, I guess that is okay.  And yeah, if I have more resources, I'd definitely hire an artist to do some drawings for me, but what I've (...)

    5. Re: Would you rather read...

      I like space.  Playing cards in space would be even better.

    6. Re: Got on the list

      Congrats!  Last week I was not sure I was gonna make it either, but ended writing so much during the last few days.  That deadline really made me focused.  So, yeah, now we can feel good.  Ready for a (...)

    7. Re: Finally, My writing is 11-12th grade.

      I do not know how you would grade yourself to be objective.  I read some of your work and I just think you're doing just fine.  I also consider most of the writing we put here to be one of the early drafts, (...)

    8. Re: In Your Opinion...

      This post has made me realize there is just too much talk about Elves  Have to create my own race from now on, like Ferengi from star trek.

    9. Crossed 50k and feel really good about it

      Just published 22nd chapter, 50+k words in total, and feel awesome enough about it to announce it to yo' all.  Surprised to find out that more I write, more I enjoy writing.  Do not understand why I have (...)

    10. Re: ITS OVER 1000!

      Awesome!  Congrats!  1k followers seem like a moon for many of us.

    11. Re: Celebrating the Small Things

      Great job!  I like how you concentrate on the positive side of things.  The whole world could use a bit more of that.  Hope you continue!

    12. Re: What social media outlets, if any, do you use for marketing?

      I just started on RR about a month ago and decided on twitting whenever I update things here.  I guess it's going to take a while to gain some traction there, but even a few readers is better than none. (...)

    13. Re: Just hit 30,000+ word count after 15 days of nonstop updating!

      Congrats!  It's such an awesome feeling.  And it only gets better as you write more.  Hope you continue.

    14. Re: Two thousand views, 3100 left

      Congrats!  Hope you soon hit 5k and then we can have another glass of wine. 

    15. Re: Just got 0.5* review bombed for the first time out

      Something I keep telling myself, don't let bad people win.  If they affect you to the point that they change you, they win.  So, to hell with them.  If you love writing, just write.  A year or two from (...)

    16. Re: How Many of You Guys Actually Patrol The Latest Updates and New Releases Sections?

      I regularly search through fics sorted by last update, with filters like a minimum page length. That's a good one.  Never really thought about that.  I usually look at the number of  the chapter (...)

    17. Re: Made my own book cover after numerous attempts!

      That's an awesome cover!  Looks 100 percent pro.  Hope you continue to produce.  

    18. Re: 1001 views!

      Great job!  It's great to see other authors enjoying RR as much as I do.  Hope you continue!

    19. Re: How detailed is your outline?

      I can see the appeal of what you are doing, but I rather like the freedom of not following everything that has already been set up.  Still, I know how I want to end my story, so I put that into an outline (...)

    20. Re: What would you like to see in a contest run by users?

      You all have some great ideas.  The rules would not be a problem.  We could all just vote on them through some poll.   Maybe organize it so that everyone can have some benefits of entering and completing (...)