Snellod - Goddess of Snails

Snellod - Goddess of Snails

    1. Re: What's the story of your name?

      ... God, I wish I had some zany story about how I came up with something like Snellod, Goddess of Snails but truth be told, it pretty much boils down to me being heckin' bored. To all those still (...)

    2. Re: Promote your fiction with the most basic description of it you can think of

      Gods build world. Yeah, three words peons. Just try and get more basic than that!

    3. Re: Review Swaps (Open)

      Oh yo, your pokemon fanfic's actually been in my read later list for a while, I'm absolutely down to do a swap with that. Although, I will warn you, I might not be able to drop a review for a while, my (...)

    4. Re: Remember Subaru from re:zero. Well...

      I'll confess to not knowing squat about Re:Zero and its been a hot minute since I've watched Jojo (spoilers ahead for Golden Wind/Vento Aureo btw). But in the part 5 finale, wasn't Diavolo subjected to (...)

    5. Re: Free Reviews!

      Oh hey, certainly not gonna turn down the chance of a free review. Stories Deified, its in my signature. 

    6. Re: Anything.

           I once teamed up with a team of criminals like mmyself and wetried to steal the crown jewels of the British crown when MI6, led by a ressurrected Christopher Lee, caught on to us. We managed to flee (...)

    7. Re: How Harsh Should A Review Be?

      I don't believe harshness wins over kindness when it comes to creative arts. You can tell a new author where you feel they can stand to improve. You can go into length about it and spend a good deal (...)

    8. Re: Is it okay to drink ketchup through an straw or is it law to drink from the bottle itself?

      Ketchup is perfectly acceptable to drink with a straw. Drinking it through an straw, however? Violates grammar rules and is utterly unacceptable.  (Also, jesus christ, I haven't slept for almost 24 (...)

    9. Re: Free reviews

      Well hey, I'm certainly not gonna turn down a free review, especially if it helps relieve someones boredom, so why not offer up my fiction is service of the greater good! And hey, maybe one day, if I'm (...)

    10. Re: Should every story include a chapter dedicated to Alexander Wilson?

      According to wikipedia Alexander Joseph Patrick Wilson (24 October 1893 – 4 April 1963) was an English writer, spy and MI6 officer. He wrote under the names Alexander Wilson, Geoffrey Spencer, Gregory (...)

    11. Re: Isekai stories (no LitRPG or GameLit, if possible)

      Well, I'm new(ish) to Royal Road, so I have a pretty limited knowledge of the fictions here, but I do know an isekai, fantasy story with little swearing (it does go beyond damn and hell though), no sexual (...)

    12. Re: Length of dialogue and interactions between characters

      Well, you hit the nail on the head with It depends imo. But thats not very specific so to answer your questions a bit more sophisticatedly, here are my takes. Does all dialogue push the plot forward? (...)

    13. Re: Promote Your Story with Two Truths and a Lie

      Hmm. The school nurse nailing a rabbit to a wall is too specific and weird to be a lie, unless the devils in the details and it turned out they nailed a guinea pig to the door or something. The student (...)

    14. Re: Facial expression

      Hmmm, well, depends on the severity and type of the confusion but here's what I got. (Character)'s eyebrow raised as they (interacted with source of confusion) with mild confusion. Eyes blank and (...)

    15. Re: What introduced you to RR?

      For me it was Reddit. Someone mentioned The Wandering Inn in r/fantasy and I was curious so I checked it out and found everything else that was on here. Wait, The Wandering Inn's on here? I thought (...)

    16. Re: What introduced you to RR?

      A Xenoblade 2 fanfic of all things! One fateful day, while very bored (or more likely, while procrastinating), I was idly browsing TV Tropes and I saw they had a section where they recommended fanfics (...)

    17. Re: Free reviews.

      Well, I see you gotta lotta takers already, but if you're still looking for stories to review, Deified is in my signature.

    18. Re: Top 10 Words Writers Should NEVER Use

      I came back from a long walk across the undulating hills and dales by my home, in absolutely gelid conditions. It was necessary as I had been discouraging the growing antidisestablishmentarianism in the (...)

    19. Re: Giving Feedback/Reviews

      Ooh, very generous. Deified, the story in my signature fits all your criteria and I'm definitely interested in getting feedback, whenever you've got the time. 

    20. Re: 2k views! 25 followers! Several very lovely comments!

      That's actually amazing progress and you're doing better than most people on here. And Royal Road is great for getting feedback on your novel. There's a really passionate community which will help (...)