Beneath Crimson Waves

Beneath Crimson Waves (...)
by GateKeeper
17 pages

An impossible discovery deep beneath the ocean waves.

Wonder turns to uncertainty as the newest crew members of the deep sea research station Leviathan arrive only to find the station abandoned.  As the crew tries to learn what happened to the previous crew, they quickly realize that they are far from alone in the black depths of the ocean, . . .

A deep sea tale of terror.

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Train Conductor is humanities last days

Train Conductor is humanities (...)
by AshroBugger
13 pages

This is my journal of the final days of humanity. And I’ll be enjoying it with my train as wish cancer spreads. Why wish cancer, because it is the source. 

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Demon Dan

Demon Dan
by Litrpg101
67 pages

Knowledge is power, and power is about to learn that lesson hard.

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Lyzander: Tales of a Halfling Mage [A House of Worldly Delight Series]

Lyzander: Tales of a (...)
by Jack0fheart
114 pages

Lyzänder, the self-titled irresistible Halfling Magus, sets out on a tantalizing adventure across the breathtaking empire of Nyre. His charming and seductive ways often lead him into the arms of danger, but he wouldn't have it any other way. The tale begins with Lyzänder's arrival to the Expanding Woods, a mysterious and perilous realm created by the actions of the legendary Sword Saint. The forest's depths are filled with magical and ever-changing flora and fauna.

However, Lyzänder's innate understanding of magic and his irresistible desire to conquer the hearts of the world's most beautiful women make him a force to be reckoned with. Forced into marriage with a Halfing wife-pair not of his choosing, he seeks to do the only thing he can do in the situation, run away.

This leads him to join the renowned Woodfeller's guild, an organisation dedicated to defeating the Expanding Woods. It acts as an adventurer hub that issues quests to its members to combat the ever-growing threat. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the thrilling journey of the irresistible Halfling Magus!

The story is set within my House of Worldly Delight universe. As such, there will be exclusive explicit content available on my Patreon.

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The Power of Ten, Book Five: Versatile Wizardry

The Power of Ten, Book (...)
by RE Druin
383 pages

Book Five: Versatile Wizard began on 2/17/23 after Book Four: Dynamo concluded.

Cover by Jack of Hearts! He did great work!


The last of the soul-shards of Aelryinth is cut free, and is drawn through astral space to a new realm... one with no exposure to the gods, powers, and system of the Power of Ten at all.

It is a world of Magery, where Elements of Magic is the science, the power is in people, and humanity dwells alongside countless magical creatures who actively contest the world with them... yet is still remarkably similar to our own in many ways.

Shard Zeben will have to hit the ground running and make some major adjustments in a gamer's outlook as she introduces the mages of this world to what it means to be a truly versatile wizard... and to bring the Light of Heaven to a world that has no such thing!


Ebooks in the Power of Ten Series (Never Online): Power of Ten: Series Page for the First Day, Books One and Two!

Based on, but not set in, the world of, the Chinese Webnovel Versatile Mage.  There is no overlap in characters. The magic system is a guideline, and gets modified a great deal and fleshed-out for completion, because wizards are total geeks about that stuff and it's what they do.

No smut, no harem, sex is offscreen, profanity is mild. There'll be occasional numbers, occasional Assays of progress, and a lot of trying to work out how the magic is actually functioning.

Here is the link to the Fictions Page for the preceding Books One through Four:

Books One through Four of the Power of Ten!

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The War Orphan [Pokemon Fanfiction]

The War Orphan [Pokemon (...)
by Arthur Inverse
93 pages

Trey is a hardworking teen, who takes odd jobs to help out around the house. From Cleaning, to watching stores, to even bartending. He has ambitions getting a job to help support the ones he loves, but that wouldn't be his blood relatives, it would be the ones who raised him. The Orphanage in Saffron City. Ran by a wonderful young woman with a heart of gold, and little tykes running rampant. Trey does his best to keep the place afloat with the donations from the city, pouring most of his income back into the place that became the family he never had.

Trey had lost everything at the age of 6, with little memories of his family, and not even knowledge of his last name or who killed his parents in the war. He tries his best to move on and work for his new family. Until one day a man in black with a Red R on his shirt comes.

This is a work of fanfiction and I do not own Pokemon in any way shape or form. I am not an expert on Pokemon but love the series all the same, I am also not an expert in animal physiology or dynamics so please forgive me if something is off. Not everything will be accurate to the timeline of the original pokemon, as I've changed a few things to fit some of the story. But moves, type advantages/disadvantages, and a majority of the items and characters will remain the same. Expect to see some of the original cast of Pokemon throughout the series but the story will revolve around Trey and his journey.

No release schedule but I will release when I can. Chapters will be on the longer side. I hope you enjoy the ride.

If you would like to talk about the fiction with me, or just bug me for the next chapter you can hop in the discord here https://discord.gg/rtcxFbcHEg 

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Hellion [A Demon Progression Story]

Hellion [A Demon Progression (...)
by Jack0fheart
202 pages

Helios was content with the hand life dealt him. He had a good job, a nice house, and everything he could ever ask for, except a partner to share it with.

One morning, on his usual commute to work that all quickly changed. The earth split open and demons spewed forth from the depths of Hell. Helios watched in abject horror as hapless bystanders were caught in the clutches of demons before being mercilessly torn into pieces. 

And then the sun went out...

Death was only the beginning.

What to expect:

⚠️ Takes place in Hell after MC is reincarnated as a demon.

⚠️ Progression from the lowest tier of demon society all the way to the upper echelons of Hell.

⚠️ Epic battles and fight scenes!

⚠️ Explores demonic lore, their physiology and the magic of true names!

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Re: Apocalypse! He Who Devours Monsters

Re: Apocalypse! He Who (...)
by Biako
269 pages

Lucas Newman, one of the few remaining survivors of the Final Contact lost his life against an incredibly powerful foe all too easily.
Yet fate blessed him with one more chance to do it all again.

Will he try and correct his past mistakes? Save friends he couldn't save, change situations he couldn't manage, and overwrite his doomed future? Or will fate be played the same way again?

Only he knows what is to come next, and only he can change it.

-Great thank you to Jack0fheart for the new book cover, i love it.

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Hidden Eyelight

Hidden Eyelight
by Writer's Science
131 pages


In the centre of chaos order materialised in the form of a sapling taking root. The sapling grew in to a mighty ash and gave fruit to the souls inhabiting the city built on its crown and split in to equal halves.  A gaze through the guarded gates of the eyes is all that's required to find your other half and unlock the fountain of magic within.

Desperate to escape her Uncle Ayele’s grasp with her two sisters, Chantria secretly started a business as an editor in the holy city of Divinity. Isolated from her culture and those around her, a chance meeting with a soldier and his brothers force’s her uncle's hand.

Will Chantria and her sisters escape their prison or die at the hand of a jealous man?

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Recipes from another world

Recipes from another (...)
by Morbid writer
209 pages

Alistair's passion was cooking. He thought he had it all. His own restaurant, the time and money to work on his recipes, and a loving wife.
He lost his business, his wife betrayed him and he lost most of his money in the following legal battle. The only thing left to him is his recipes and his cooking skill.
Just when he thinks all might be lost, he's taken to another world by the goddess Leandra to save her world. 

Cover by Jackofheart

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Tales of Balor

Tales of Balor
by Morbid writer
114 pages

A Weaponsmith, an Adventurer, and Sorceress walk into a bar...

In the moderately distant future, those who suffer from incurable illness have the option to have their consciousness uploaded to virtual realities where they can live for eternity or until they are ready to move on. 

In the VR world of Balor online, Harlow, a Weaponsmith, Jax an adventurer, and Stella a Sorceress find their solo paths entangled. 

Cover by Jackofheart

New Chapters: Saturdays, 

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Transcendental Shifter

Transcendental Shifter (...)
by HappyCapybara
19 pages

I was probably around seven when it first happened...

I had hoped one day I could change many people's lives... I had thought this every day after all of my family died...  I had hoped I could make nobody suffer the same ordeal I had to...

Shortly after my family's death, I caught a fever... 

The doctor told me I may not make it...

Then it just happened... I had a dream much different from anything I'd had before...

A new chapter is released every Monday.

You can also find this story on ScribbleHub: https://www.scribblehub.com/series/408468/transcendental-shifter/

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