1. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix is...well, it's a bit of a mess. It's my first story, and there's a lot of chapters that, if I'm being honest, could do with a rewrite (or get removed entirely). But (...)

    2. Re: 🎶🎸Sunday Snippet 26/06 | WEEK 48 - SUMMERFEST Edition! 🎸🎵

      Heyo! I love that we're putting some summerfest festivities (heh) in here! I'm not going to link a song...because every single chapter (well, starting at like, chapter 35 but every chapter since) has had (...)

    3. Re: Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 47 - 👨Happy Father's Day Version!👨

      Heyo! Today's snippet from Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix is a cute little scene at sunset ~ Sitting here, back against a tree, Jenny once again in his lap, watching everything move from a golden (...)

    4. Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

      Heyo! Today's snippet from Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix is about therapy. Theo had never been up these stairs before. Or to the second level. The rest of the building could be passed off as carved, (...)

    5. Re: 💻🖥Sunday Snippet 05/06 | WEEK 45🖥💻

      Heyo! Today's snippet from IaMDM is a bit of paranoia oooh ~ Theo couldn’t help but replay the moment when the one they almost captured cut his own hand off with no hesitation. If they couldn’t win (...)

    6. Re: ❤ Sunday Snippet 29/05 | WEEK 44 ❤

      Heyo! Today's snippet from IaMDM is a short one, because I don't know what else to post and it's a nice lil bit of prose. Talk of responsibility and blame and how they had infiltrated was briefly touched (...)

    7. Re: Sunday Snippet 22/05 | WEEK 43 🏠

      Heyo! This week's snippet from IaMDM involves a rather intense explanation. “Why not just kill them?” Others weren’t as easily convinced, however. They quickly came to regret vocalising their query, (...)

    8. Re: Sunday Snippet 15/05 | WEEK 42 Euro-joy!

      Hey! Today's quote from IaMDM is about someone who looks a lot stricter than they are. “If Rowena ever asks us to work at a ball again, I don’t care what she wants me to do I’m there.” Drew lay on a couch, (...)

    9. Re: Sunday Snippet 08/05 | WEEK 41 THE SNIPPETSVERSE OF MADNESS

      Heyo! This week in Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix we have a bit more romance, but less the cute kind and more the "hey you're making people uncomfortable pls stop" kind. “Get a room.” Finn groaned, (...)

    10. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix started out as an action story with magic and progression...and it's definitely grown far too big for the clothes I bought it at the start. It's a lot more talking (...)

    11. Re: Sunday Snippet 01/05 | MAYDAY! MAYDAY! 🚨

      Hah! Mayday. Nice. Anyway, today's snippet from IaMDM requires a liiiiittle bit of context. Just know that Jenny's dress got dirty with dust. Theo felt another pang of guilt. She put so much effort (...)

    12. Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

      Heyo! In today's snippet from the latest chapter of IaMDM, I realise that maybe I should start writing romance novels. “I’m strong. I know I’m brash. Blunt.” She squatted down, hugging her knees (and (...)

    13. Re: Sunday Snippet 10/04 | Week 37 🎉 another mini celebration

      Wooo 2 pages! Glad to see it, and glad you're doing these still. Today's chunk from IaMDM is from the latest chapter - a bit of setting up and pretty imagery. It was a building tension, the kind (...)

    14. Re: Sunday Snippet 03/04 | IS IT WEEK 36? 🔪🍰

      Heyo again! This week we've got a snippet from the latest chapter (72), wherein I'm starting to hit my descriptive stride once again. Also, some things are happening ~ Francis was starting to remind (...)

    15. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      So I started writing Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix in the last Writathon, and it's now been six months! It's my first proper story, so I've learned a lot (and the genre has started to slip), but (...)

    16. Re: Sunday Snippets 27/03 | Week 35 🎉

      Yay I'm glad there's still interest! I find these to be pretty great for sharing stories and finding new things. Anyway, onto my snippet, which is from the latest chapter: “As you can imagine, (...)

    17. Re: Sunday Snippets 20/03 | WEEK 34 ✂️

      Heyo! Today's snipped from IaMDM is about some heavy stuff. Fire and death. That was what he’d smelled. The bitter ash of charcoal and the metal tang of blood. He opened his eyes to see blackened (...)

    18. Re: Sunday Snippets 13/03 | WEEK 33 🦇

      Heyo! Today's snippet from IaMDM is a bit of description. So here's some chill vibes: Standing there, face wide in surprise at seeing them (the curious kind of surprise, not the startled kind), was (...)

    19. Re: Sunday Snippets 06/03 | WEEK 32

      Heyo! Been a while since I've posted in one of those - I'm gonna blame life being way too hectic haha. Anyway, now that I'm a bit more rested and less stressed, I'm back to post snippets. And today's (...)

    20. Re: March Thread

      Improvisation and Magic Don't Mix A fantasy story about a bard learning magic that sometimes threatens to blow up his throat. Admittedly, I went through a stretch of bad chapters (partially because (...)